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High Output UV's SuperPond UV Sterilizers
Replacement Bulbs Replacement Quartz Sleeves
Replacement transformer (RAW) Ultraviolet Sterilizers 
Savio Skimmer/Filter with UV Sterilizers  


High Output UV's 

Want clear water on your larger than normal pond? Now, High Output UV Lights out perform typical UV lights which are constructed of smaller units, combined into an assembly of units to "add up to so many watts". With our larger units (5" Diameter) and longer units (up to 70") single units, your water flows more slowly through the unit for increased exposure time to the UV, and with longer exposure time at higher power levels, you will get more efficient and satisfying UV performance. 

You also have to replace only one lamp, not 3 or 4 or 5, etc. **Note: Recommend installation of bypass or 3 way valve before UV Sterilizer to bypass water around unit as needed to adjust flow rates as recommended in chart below. 

High Output UV's include 2" Unions for quick and simple removal as needed during winterization of your pond, or for service work. Order 2" male tail piece if plugging is necessary. 

SMART HO UV Sterilizer Performance Recommendations & Specifications

Model No.
Rec. / Max.
Lamps / Watt
Water Flow Rate
Algae & Bacteria
30,000 µWs/cm2
Suggested / Maximum
Water Flow Rate
90,000 µWs/cm2
Suggested / Maximum
Length. x Diam.
Inlet /


7,000 10,800

1/80 2,700 GPH 3,600 GPH 900 GPH 1,200 GPH 80 43" x 5.75" 2" Union 120VAC 50/60Hz


8,300 13,800 1/120 3,840 GPH 4,600 GPH 1,260 GPH 1,560 GPH 120 56" x 5.75" 2" Union 120VAC 50/60Hz


11,400 19,000 1/150 5,040 GPH 6,360 GPH 1,680 GPH 2,100 GPH 150 70" x 5.75" 2" Union 120VAC 50/60Hz
HO-80W with Wiper


7,000 10,800 1/80 2,700 GPH 3,600 GPH 900 GPH 1,200 GPH 80 43" x 5.75" 2" Union 120VAC 50/60Hz

HO-120W with Wiper


8,300 13,800 1/120 3,840 GPH 4,600 GPH 1,260 GPH 1,560 GPH 120 56" x 5.75" 2" Union 120VAC 50/60Hz
HO-150W with Wiper


11,400 19,000 1/150 5,040 GPH 6,360 GPH 1,680 GPH 2,100 GPH 150 70" x 5.75" 2" Union 120VAC 50/60Hz

“Green Water” Flow Rates
Why are our water flow rates so much lower than each of our competitors? Unlike our competitors who over rate their UVs, our water flow recommendations are based on turbid “green water” conditions that may exist during installation. Maximum flow rate represents the lamp performance at 100%, suggested flow rate represents lamp performance at the end of useful life (80% efficient).





Our own SuperPond UV Sterilizers are designed for ease of installation and maximum performance. These sterilizers must be installed outside of the pond (not in the water). Our sterilizers have two mounting brackets which can be swiveled to any position and can be used to hang up the unit side down, or at virtually any angle to a wall, deck, etc. SuperPond UV sterilizers can be easily fitted to existing pipes or tubing from  3/4" to 1 1/2". Our UV's are available in 18 watt, or 36 watt sizes, or combined to form even larger units. Adapters and fittings are available for adapting to almost any pipe or tubing size. Only available from SuperPond or our dealers!

  Limited time pricing!

13-SPUVC-18  $199.99       Use for 200 to 1000 gallon pond, with a maximum flow rate of 1000 gph.

13-SPUVCL-18    $59.99    (Two for $109.99) Replacement 18 watt lamp for 13-SPUVC-18 unit.

13-SPUVCB-18    $69.99    Replacement 18 watt ballast (transformer) for 13-SPUVC-18 unit.

13-SPUVC-36      $249.99   Use for 1000 to 2000 gallon pond, with a maximum flow rate of 2800 gph.

13-SPUVCL-36    $69.99    (Two for $129.99) Replacement 36 watt lamp for 13-SPUVC-36 unit.

13-SPUVCB-36    $79.99    Replacement 36 watt ballast (transformer) for 13-SPUVC-36 unit.

13-SPUVC-72      $569.99    Assembled double 36 watt unit as above right. Flow travels through both 36 watt units equally. Use for 2000 to 4500 gallon pond, with a maximum flow rate of 4000 gph. Assembled as shown to the left. Two of these may be used for 8000 to 9000 gallon ponds.

13-SPUVC-72K     $49.99    Kit consisting of fittings used to combine two of the 36 watt  units as shown above, into a combined unit equal to 72 watts. Fittings include 4  unions (1 1/2" x 2"), 2 tees (2"), and 4 short pieces of 2" pvc pipe, glue not included. Does not include the two 36 watt units.

Note:    Order two of the kits, plus 4 of the 36 watt units, may be used to assemble 144 watts of UV Sterilizer capacity.

Note: Use one 13-SPUVC-36 for each 2000 gallons in your pond. Your maximum flow rate would be 2000 - 2800 gph per UV sterilizer unit. Limit flow to 2000 gph each unit when assembling larger UV sterilizers, ie. 3 or more.



  ULTRAVIOLET STERILIZERS  For More Info On UV & Ozone, Click Here
Treat yourself and your fish to a healthy clear pond! With these Aqua Ultraviolet systems installed and sized properly for your pond, you will be able to maintain clear water and decrease drastically your incidents of disease. This is the best pond sterilizer available for koi ponds. These units use 40 watt quartz bulbs with longer operating lifetime (14 months vs. 6 mo.), than the competition. Our unique quartz bulbs and quartz sleeves ensure the required intensity of U.V. light to kill algae, virus & bacteria when flow through the sterilizer is at the flow as indicated below. These modules will also reduce parasite populations in your pond . Module recommendations shown below are based on a flow rate through the unit equal to one pond volume each hour. Our UV lights are weather resistant and need not be placed in any housing, though the ballast must be contained within the metal box supplied.

It is recommended that the module be installed downstream of pump if possible. With 2 inch inlets and outlets, the unit can be located downstream of a gravity flow filter system and still have adequate flow. Locate your pond size, UV module, and recommended flow below. Note that each UV Sterilizer is able to kill algae at a rate determined by its power (watts) and for this reason, a larger unit is required when the load is increased by poor conditions. The recommended pond sizes therefore will depend upon whether your pond is in full sun, overstocked with fish, no plants, poor or no bio-filter, etc (these conditions are all worst case and would require a larger unit for a given size pond). To correctly determine the size of unit your pond requires, first determine whether your pond is worst case or best conditions. Then choose the appropriate row and that is the unit, flow rate, etc. needed for your pond or tank. All Aqua Ultraviolet filters should be mounted in a horizontal position to prevent condensation buildup in the quartz sleeve. 

Maintenance: The only maintenance required for UV Sterilizers is to replace lamps when they burn out or after the 14 months of continuous use which causes solarization of the quartz crystal glass and the subsequent decrease in UV output. One other requirement is to clean the sleeve of slime or crud which coats the sleeve, thus decreasing the lamps' output. Output from a lamp into the water can decrease the killing power of the lamp and thus allow algae to grow. Two ways are available to clean the sleeve. 1. Disassemble the unit to expose the sleeve and wipe it clean with a clean rag. Re-assemble the unit and place back in operation. 2.  If your unit has the new wiper option (see below), move the wiper rod in and out once or twice. It's now clean.

NEW OPTION ! We now have the wiper option on all our UV Sterilizers. This option allows you to clean your sleeve of your U.V fast and easy rather than taking the unit apart and risking breaking the sleeve and the bulb. With one easy pull and push of the rod on your U.V you have just cleaned your sleeve, a must for all those who love easy maintenance.


* New Quartz Sleeve wiper eliminates build-up on the external glass sleeve.
* Features the new EZ twist cap
* The only UV Resistant Housing with a LIFETIME WARRANTY
* Keeps your Quartz Sleeve clean and efficient 

NOTE: Turn off Ultra Violet Sterilizers when medicating the pond. UV radiation removes many medications from the water and converts some to other unpredictable by-products. Leave the UV Sterilizer off for at least two days after introduction of any medication to pond.

Aqua Ultraviolet uses a Vycor slim-line lamp, that is low in power consumption. Our slim-lines are well suited to applications requiring high ultraviolet intensity. Our quartz sleeve is of the highest quality and clarity producing a more effective kill rate. Our housings are made of the most advanced Flouro-Polymer, the only housing with a limited Lifetime Warranty. 100% UV resistant. Aqua Ultraviolet ballasts are designed for outdoor use. UL listed class P, type 1 and low power consumption, . 55 AMPS. Aqua Ultraviolet systems are fully weather resistant, field and laboratory tested. Aqua Ultraviolet systems are manufactured in the USA and registered with the EPA 

UNIT Watts Max Flow  Pond Size (Gals) IN/OUT NEW! W/WIPER
13-AUV008  8 Watt  400 GPH  50-200 Gal  2" * $234
13-AUV015  15 Watt  800 GPH  200-500 Gal  2" * $254
13-AUV025  25 Watt  1200 GPH  500-1200 Gal  2" * $332
13-AUV040  40 Watt  2900 GPH  1200-2200 Gal  2" * $474
13-AUV080  80 Watt  3678 GPH  2200-4400 Gal  2" $840
13-AUV120  120 Watt  4080 GPH  4400-6000 Gal  2" $1192
13-AUV160  160 Watt  5400 GPH  6000-8500 Gal  2" $1598
13-AUV200  200 Watt  6600 GPH  8500-13000 Gal  2" $2008
13-AUV240  240 Watt  7200 GPH  13000-17000 Gal  2" $2416

*Reducer Kit reduces 2'' inlet and outlet to either 3/4'' or 1'' to fit tubing.


  Reduces 2'' in/out to 3/4'' barbed adapter

$10.00 EA

13-UVRED2 Reduces 2'' in/out to 1'' barbed adapter $10.00 EA

UV Sterilizers shown with built-in water tight ballasts (8 watt, 25 watt, and now 40 watt) and NEMA type ballasts within steel enclosures. 

Note: Replacement ballasts for NEMA enclosures are sold as RAW below.


13-AUB008 8 watt replacement bulb

$54.99 ea.

13-AUB015 15 watt replacement bulb

$56.99 ea.

13-AUB025 25 watt replacement bulb

$58.99 ea.

13-AUB040 40 watt replacement bulb

$69.99 ea.

13-RB008W 8 watt replacement bulb

$61.99 ea.

13-RB025W 25 watt replacement bulb

$69.99 ea.

13-RB040W 40 watt replacement bulb

$79.99 ea.

13-AUQS08 8 watt replacement sleeve

$54.99 ea.

13-AUQS15 15 watt replacement sleeve

$54.99 ea.

13-AUQS25 25 watt replacement sleeve

$56.99 ea.

13-AUQS40 40 watt replacement sleeve

$79.99 ea.

13-AUWT08 8 watt transformer water tight for small units

$80.00 EA

13-AUWT15 15 watt transformer for water tight small units

$82.00 EA

13-AUWT25 25 watt transformer for water tight small units

$84.00 EA

13-AUWT40 40 watt transformer for water tight small units

$124.00 EA


13-TRW40WR 40w transformer (RAW)

$90.00 EA

13-TRW80WR 80w transformer (RAW)

$82.00 EA

13-TRW40WN 40w transformer (NEMA)

$168.00 EA

13-TRW80WN 80w transformer (NEMA)

$192.00 EA

NOTE: Replacement Transformers (NEMA, enclosed within steel panel boxes) are available by special order only.



New! SAVIO Skimmer Filters With UV Sterilizers 



SkimmerFilter base unit. Has two built-in UV ports, skimmer basket, filter for ponds to 1000 gallon size. $350 each for Base Unit and one selected Weir Inlet. UV's Optional and extra as shown.

Savio has changed the way we build ponds with its new SkimmerFilter combo. The SkimmerFilter base unit can take care of skimming ponds to 8000 gallons with flows to 8000 gph. Internal ports (2) allow for the addition now or later of two UV sterilizer units. These are the easiest UV's to clean - simply twist to unlock, remove, wipe, and reinsert. No screws, or anything to take loose to clean. A large trash basket collects leaves and trash for simple removal. The SkimmerFilter has a built-in filter pad which is purported to be able to handle ponds to 1000 gallons. Anything larger should have a supplemental bio-filter.

 Three different size skimmer weir inlets are used for different sized ponds or flows. Order the base unit, and the appropriate weir inlet for your pond. This wonderful skimmer can be installed in concrete ponds or liner ponds. The extremely strong unit comes with a very strong lid, which is strong enough to be walked on, easily supporting a couple of football players (if necessary).

Note: Savio has now replaced all UV Sterilizers with their new model (INEX), which does not require the use of a sleeve, but requires a new model of UV mount, new transformers, and of course new lamps. See New! below.

04-SKFBU1 Base Unit (to 8000 gph max flow) requires one Weir Inlet (6'', 8.5'' or 16''). Specify which size when you order. Weirs are priced and sold separately. N/A 8,000 gal pond $425.00


04-SKFW06 Weir Inlet (to 3000 gph flow) 6 Inch to 3,000 gal pond $35.00
04-SKFW85 Weir Inlet (3000-5000 gph flow) 8 1/2 Inch to 5,000 gal pond $35.00
04-SKFW16 Weir Inlet  (5000-8000 gph flow) 16 Inch to 8,000 gal pond $35.00
04-SKFU25 UV Sterilizer (use 1 for each 2500 gph flow)  25 Watt   $243.00
04-SKFU26IX Inex New! UV Sterilizer (use 1 for each 2500 gph flow) Req's No Sleeve 26 Watt   $243.00
04-SKFU50IX Inex New! UV Sterilizer (use 1 for each 3200 gph flow) Req's No Sleeve 50 Watt   $367.00
04-SKFU57 UV Sterilizer  (use 1 for each 3200 gph flow each)  57 Watt   $395.00
04-SSLEEVE Replacement sleeves for UV sleeve   $67.99
04-SLAMP25 25 Watt Replacement lamp lamp $74.99
04-SLAMP57 57 Watt Replacement Lamp lamp $102.99
04-SLAMP26IXNew! 26 Watt Replacement lamp lamp $90.99
04-SLAMP50IXNew! 50 Watt Replacement Lamp lamp $140.99
04-INEXUVMTNew! Replacement Mount for 26W & 50W inex UV Sterilizers $6.99
04-STRAN25W 25 Watt Transformer 25W $155.99
04-STRAN57W 57 Watt Transformer 57W $240.99
04-STR26WIXNew! 26 Watt Transformer 26W $155.99
04-STR50WIXNew! 50 Watt Transformer 50W $240.99
04-COMPNUT Compression Nut N/A $4.99
04-UVORING UV O-ring N/A $1.99
04-UVGASKET UV Gasket N/A $4.99
04-SKDIVIDER Skimmer Divider N/A $5.99
04-SKBAFBLK Skimmer Baffle Block N/A $7.99
04-SKBRINS Skimmer Brass Insert N/A $1.99
04-SKSCRPK Skimmer Screw Packet N/A $10.99
04-SKFPAD Replacement Filter Pad N/A   $19.99
04-SSKIMLID Skimmer Rock Lid N/A $169.00
04-SFILTLID Filter Rock Lid N/A $169.00


UV lamp (optional) fits into ports built into SkimmerFilter base unit .

Easier to clean and maintain than almost any UV. Twist locks into base unit port.  


13-OC18WL 18 watt Ocean Clear lamp

$99.99 ea

13-0C18WS 18 watt Ocean Clear quartz sleeve

$99.99 ea

13-OC18WB 18 watt Ocean Clear ballast

$99.99 ea

13-OCPADS Ocean Clear canister replacement pads




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