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NEW! SUPERPOND BIO-FILTERS WITH BUILT-IN UV Barley Liquid Extract New! SuperPond floating pellets with Micro-Grooves and much Greater Surface Area!
New! SuperPond Air Pumps New! SuperPond Air Control Manifolds NEW! SAVIO Skimmer-Filter  and New! SAVIO Filters   
KJ Colors koi food Biolyte Zeo-lyte  
New! Aquadyne Low-Head Bio-filters Uniseal Grommets    


New! SUPERFALLS Super energy efficient pumps Now better than ever.




SF6600 GPH at 520 watts, 27 ft max. lift, complete strainer enclosure. 2 yr warranty $359.99

SF8000 GPH at 620 watts, 29 ft max. lift, complete strainer enclosure. 2 yr warranty $419.99


Now you can have it all! Our new 3 stage pond filter offers clean and clear water for your small to medium sized pond. The first stage consists of three sets of foam pads, which remove particles to clean the water. The next stage consists of bio balls which collect and store bacteria to remove waste material from the pond. The final stage of this filter is the UV sterilizer that kills algae and harmful bacteria, clarifying the water and keeping your fish safe. Install a 3 stage filter on your pond system  today! Limited time pricing! SPF-30 $299.99


Foggers can make an interesting addition to your pond's special look and appeal. Imagine fog hanging over the water at the base of your waterfalls. The fogger can be turned on and off whenever that special effect is needed.


Our new submersible pumps are energy efficient as you have grown to love with our Superfalls Centrifugal pumps. With flows to 6600 gph at 520 watts, and 8000 gph flow using only 620 watts, we can offer you the flow that you need without breaking your bank in energy costs. These pumps have 1 1/2" inlet and outlet with adapters available to 3". Our new pumps offer a fully enclosed strainer case, and 1/3" solids handling capabilities to prolong operation in dirty water. Use special manifolds to combine flows of 3 pumps to 24,000 gph (400 gpm).


Our UV Sterilizers are designed for ease of installation in the water, or out of the water. SuperPond UV sterilizers can be easily fitted to existing pipes or tubing from 3/4" to 1 1/2". Our UV's are available in 18 watt, or 36 watt sizes, with even larger units by combining units to become larger. Limited time pricing!

SPUVC-18  $199.99

SPUVC-36  $249.99


Our new fountain pumps include an assortment of fountain heads to offer a choice for different sprays.


Our new pond lighting includes underwater and out-of-water lights. Lighting is available in single or multiple lighting sets of 3 or 4 lights. Transformer are included with sets. Replacement lamps are available.


Large Pond or Lake Floating Fountain (SPFFG16) Same Floating Fountain lit up at night - (SPFFG16L) 3- 4 Lamps, 10 watts each Small Pond Lighted floating fountain LED lights automatically alternate in 4 colors.
SPFFP6 LED Lit small pond floating fountain 6 FT $199.99
SPFFG16 Non Lit large pond or lake floating fountain 6000 GPH 18 FT $699.99
SPFFG16L Lighted large pond or lake floating fountain 6000 GPH 18 FT $899.99
SPFFG18 Non Lit large pond or lake floating fountain 8000 GPH 20 FT $799.99
SPFFG18L Lighted large pond or lake floating fountain 8000 GPH 20 FT $999.99







  Why continue to suffer with frequent leaf trap cleaning, when you can stretch that chore out to as little as 1/8 as often. With the SuperTrap inline leaf trap, you can sit back and enjoy your pond instead of going out every day to empty that little trap that you have.

Daryl is holding the long basket from our "upflow" model of the SuperTrap in one hand, and the much smaller typical trap in use by most pond owners. Our new basket holds up to 8 times a much of the waste material as that little one, and will offer much less resistance to flow than that little one, giving you more flow, less work, and the time that you want to enjoy your work.

The upflow model 04-UFST44 of our 6" SuperTrap,  has a 4" inlet which can be connected directly to the 4" pipe which comes from your 4" bottom drain, and can also be connected directly to skimmers. This unit has a huge 6" removable lid in it's top which can also be used to prime your pump and system if desired. The 4" outlet to the pump is near the top and and provides clean strained water to the pump. The assembly is provided with 4" connections at the bottom (inlet) and at the top (outlet to the pump). The basket is approximately 44" long.

Our Down flow model of SuperTrap should be available soon, with it's inlet near the top, outlet to the coming out of the bottom and rising to the top. This model may be easier to install in earth that is compacted and rocky. It allows for the inlet pipe to be near the surface. 

 Our Back Flush Assembly 04-STBFA4 allows you to clean your leaf trap without removing the basket. When two three way valves are repositioned, the waste is flushed onto the ground, or into our French Drain Assembly 04-STFDA4 with it's drainage and collection basket. When the collection basket has drained, just empty it into the garbage can. 










This product overcomes any disadvantages with either of the other two barley products, namely the barley bales and the barley pellets. Savio has made available an extract of barley which is reasonably priced and concentrated. This new product is added on a weekly basis initially, and the treatments are then reduced upon curing the problem. Barley extract kills and prevent re-occurrence of pea soupy green algae, and the dreaded string algae. Available in three sizes, purchase the one for your sized pond and simplify your life.

The 250 ml bottle is the concentrated equivalent to six barley pillows. The Extract performs better than the messy, decomposing barley straw. Better results in a wide range of temperatures and pH levels. Safe for fish and plants. See results in 2-3 weeks. Dose starts at 20 ml per 500 gallons weekly for two weeks, then drops to 10 ml per 500 gallons weekly for two more weeks. Then treatments drop to once each two weeks.

12-BARLXS 250 ml 8 + oz 6,250 $23.53
12-BARLXM 500 ml 16 + oz 12,500 $43.10
12-BARLXL 1 liter 33 + oz 25,000 $70.02
12-BARLXX 2.5 liter 84 + oz 62,500 $115.13









 New! SuperPond Floating Replacement Media For Bead Filters (and your own filters)   

  Turn your floating bead bio-filter into a Super Pond filter with the new floating pellets with micro-grooves. This new floating filter media immediately gives your bead filter more than 50% additional surface area due to shape alone, and with the micro-grooves, you will have an even greater surface area!

As you can see in the photo, this media is shaped more like a pellet. Why this shape and the tiny grooves? Mathematically, the surface area of a pellet (cylinder) is 50% greater than the surface area of a round bead (sphere). This alone means an additional 50% surface area for your bacteria to grow on. With the micro-grooves cut into the surface of the cylinder, our new media has an even greater surface area (along the walls of the grooves) and hence greater bacteria level in your filter. The micro-grooves also protect the bacteria from being washed out of the filter during the occasional backwash period. 

Our new SuperPond floating media 04-HSAP18 works well as a replacement upgrade for the beads sent with most floating bead filters. The spherical beads most commonly used, were never intended for use with bio-filters, and therefore only perform marginally as a bio-media. The new floating media, on the other hand, was designed from the start for bio-filters and makes the most of its unique shape and design to increase the surface area of the pellet. It does it in such a way that it minimizes loss of bacteria during the back wash cycle in which most filters will lose the majority of its bacteria. By maintaining the high level of bacteria in the filter, you avoid the substantial time required to build your bacteria level back to a useful level. This helps to prevent or minimize the ammonia and nitrite swings common after filter backwashes. The new media, on the other hand, protects your bacteria population, by growing it within the protective walls of the micro-grooves cut around the pellet. Due to it's unique shape, weight, and the tiny micro-grooves engineered around the perimeter of each pellet, will hold at least 50% more bacteria than most of the other floating bead medias. The media is manufactured with small micro-grooves around its outside surface, and each pellet is extruded to give the media double the surface area of media supplied with floating bead filters. Used to replace original media in other filters, this media increases bacterial loading and allows the use of energy efficient low head pumps such as our Superfalls KJ11000LHC (or other). Works well with modified sand filters which use a multi-port valve with exit ports which will retain the media within the filter tank. Koi Joy maintains a stock of filters which are known to have suitable multi-port valves for this media. The following benefits can be seen with this new media.

1.    50% more surface area means that you can increase the number of fish in your pond or you can take care of your fish better.

2.    Micro-grooves mean that less bacteria is "washed away" during the backwash cycle and reduces the ammonia buildup as you try to regenerate your filters' bio-filter power. The walls of the grooves also mean even more additional surface area in addition to the additional 50% due to the "cylindrical shaped" bead.

3.    Less clogging of filter due to more "random" orientation compared to perfectly spherical beads which tend to form blocks or clogs of beads.


Filters: Koi Joy has set up two identical floating bead biological filters (Aquadyne 1.1 models), each filtering identical 750 gallon indoor tanks stocked full of koi. Fish populations would be considered high for outdoor ponds. Each tank has a UV sterilizer of equal size, identical pumps (iron mite), etc. We have operated these koi tanks throughout the winter months for a total of 6 months, side by side, with the following results.

Medias: Tank one uses the standard bead shipped with virtually all bead filters available today. Tank two uses our new HSA filter media as a replacement for the standard bead.

Test Results: Tank 1's water has clouded, while tank 2 (using HSA media), is clear and clean. Tank 1 emits odor, compared to Tank 2 (using HSA media) is odor free. Tank 1 ammonia levels change more than tank 2 levels following backwash of filters. 

Conclusion: The HSA media does a better job of filtering, growing, and maintaining a larger and healthier population of bacteria, than other floating beads. The media seems to filter better as a mechanical filter (clear water) while allowing equal flow. The small additional cost for the HSA media is returned many fold by better performance of your filter, and better fish health.

To determine the required number of cubic feet of media to order, measure the volume of water that your filter  will hold when slightly more than 1/2 full. For reference, 7 1/2 gallons of water is equal to one cubic foot of water or beads. If you would rather, you may order the best sand filters directly from us. - PLEASE CALL

04-HSAP18 Floating pellet media with "micro-grooves" and High Surface Area

$99/ft3 Any other use

$66/ft3 Previous Aquadyne upgrade (from Koi Joy's Pond Shop)

$44/ft3 New Aquadyne upgrade

This media, the Superpond HSA (High Surface Area) Supercharged floating bio media is available exclusively from the Pond Shop.


                               The SuperPond linear air pumps are the best choice for a continuous and long operating industrial duty indoor/outdoor air compressor. These compressors are designed for efficiency and can use as little as 1/10 of the electricity as other air compressors and are super quiet. The smallest two models, the 01-DBL08A and the 01-DBL15A are capable of a minimum of 35,000 hours of service free life, while the next larger models,01-DBL030A, 01-DBL040A,  01-DBL60L and the 01-DBL80L, offer capabilities of 25,000 hours of service free life. Use either of these compressors for high flows to greater depths in deep ponds. Our Largest air pumps, the 01-DBL120 and the 01-DBL150 are for very large ponds or very deep ponds where many air stones are required. With flows of 6 to 7 CFM, and usable depths of 10 to 12 feet, these are among the largest Linear air pumps available. All of these linear air compressors are industrial grade products with high flow and operate very quietly. The 01-DBL15A has an output of .60 cfm @ 1 psi or approximately 2 1/2 ft depth. The 01-DBL40A model has a flow of 2.4 cfm @ 1 psi or approximately 2 1/2 ft depth.. The 01-DBL80L model has a flow of 3.3 cfm @ 1 psi or approximately 2 1/2 ft depth and can easily supply air to several air stones at 10 ft of depth (see below). One year warranty for steady air flow with continuous duty. Service replaceable rubber diaphragms. All of the below air compressors can be run on 115V/230V or 50/60 HZ. 

Note: 1cfm (cubic foot per minute) of air flow could operate one of our 12" air stones, or two 6" air stones, or up to four 3" air stones. 2 cfm would allow use of double that number of air stones. To properly use the chart below, first determine depth of your pond and the air stones, then look across the chart to determine the air pump which provides the required air flow in cfm. We recommend that you purchase a manifold for ease of stringing the tubing and number of air stones that you need for your pond. Use the air pumps cfm output at your depth, to order the required number of air stones (1 cfm = 12 inches of air stones).


Model Watts CFM @ 2.5 ft Max Press PSI Tubing Size cfm/Air Stones @ 2.5 ft cfm/Air Stones @ 5 ft cfm/Air Stones @ 10 ft Wt. Lb. Cost
01-DBL08A 9 0.33 2.6 .33cfm NA NA 2.2 $189.00
01-DBL15A 19 0.60 3.0 1/4 IN 0.60cfm  (9"stone) 0.33cfm 3" NA 2.2 $199.00
01-DBL30A available soon 35 2.0 5.5 1/4 IN 0.60cfm  (9"stone) 1.8cfm 18" NA 6.2 $277.99
01-DBL40A 47 2.4 6.1 1/4 IN 1.9cfm 24" 2.0cfm 24" NA 6.4 $299.99
01-DBL60L available soon 70 3.2 7.1 1/4 IN 3.2cfm 32" 2.2cfm 24" 1.5cfm 18" 10.4 $379.99
01-DBL80L 90 3.3 7.8 3/8 IN 3.4cfm 36"  2.5cfm 30" 1.8cfm 18" 13.5 $399.00
01-DB120L 95 5.2 6.5 3/8 IN 6.2 CFM 48" 5.2 CFM 36" 2.7 CFM 30" 25 $699.00
01-DB150L 118 6.0 6.8 3/8 IN 7.2 CFM 48-60" 6.3 CFM 48" 3.5 CFM 40" 25 $799.00 


Use these SuperPond diaphragm air pumps when weather protection is not a concern. These excellent air pumps are lower cost, yet perform with close to the same output as their Linear counterparts above. These air pumps must be protected against weather conditions. Without the sound proofing case, they are not as quiet as the linear compressors, but do have their place for indoor fish tanks or in protected conditions and locations outdoors.

Note: 1cfm (cubic foot per minute) of air flow could operate one of our 12" air stones, or two 6" air stones, or up to four 3" air stones. 2 cfm would allow use of double that number of air stones. To properly use the chart below, first determine depth of your pond and the air stones, then look across the chart to determine the air pump which provides the required air flow in cfm. We recommend that you purchase a manifold for ease of stringing the tubing and number of air stones that you need for your pond. Use the air pumps cfm output at your depth, to order the required number of air stones (1 cfm = 12 inches of air stones).




Model Watts CFM @ 2.5 ft Tubing Size Air Stones @ 2.5 ft Air Stones @ 5 ft Air Stones @ 10 ft Wt Lb. Cost
01-DBD008 9 0.33   (1) 5" NA  NA  5 $79.99
01-DBD015 19 .75 1/4 IN (3) 3"

or (1) 9"

(1) 6" NA 5 $151.99
01-DBD040 47 1.8 1/4 IN (2) 12" or (3) 6" (3) 6" or (2) 9" NA   $219.99

BR6, BR8, BR10 

SUPERPOND Air Manifolds

SUPERPOND air manifolds offer a simple way to valve air in or out to as many air stones as your air compressor can feed. Our manifolds are unique in their low cost, number of valves, and the 3 sizes of valves and barbed fittings you can choose from. These tubes are threaded to fit 1/2 inch brass or plastic plugs, barbed fittings, or couplers to allow one air pump to supply multiple manifolds located around your pond, tanks, etc. Our manifolds are offered in 1/8 inch barbed valve size, 1/4 inch barbed valve size, and 3/8 inch barbed valve size. Purchase tubing to fit the barbed valve.


PR6, PR8, PR10

Brass Tube and Fittings (1/8 inch barbs)

NOTE: Manifolds come standard with one outlet plug and one inlet 1/2" barbed nipple. Order other fittings as required.

Plastic Tube with Brass Fittings (1/8 inch barbs)

BR618 6 Valve Brass Manifold 1/8 inch barbs 1/8 inch $30
PL618 6 Valve Plastic Manifold 1/8 inch barbs 1/8 inch $25
BR818 8 Valve Brass Manifold 1/8 inch barbs 1/8 inch $33
PL818 8 Valve Plastic Manifold 1/8 inch barbs 1/8 inch $28
BR1018 10 Valve Brass Manifold 1/8 inch barbs 1/8 inch $36
PL1018 10 Valve Plastic Manifold 1/8 inch barbs 1/8 inch $31
BR414 4 Valve Brass Manifold 1/4 inch barbs 1/4 inch $73
PL414 4 Valve Plastic Manifold 1/4 inch barbs 1/4 inch $60
BR438 4 Valve Brass Manifold 3/8 inch barbs 3/8 inch  $76
PL438 4 Valve Plastic Manifold 3/8 inch barbs 3/8 inch  $63
BR1212 Brass barbed fitting  1/2 inch barb 1/2 inch $4 ea.
BR1214 Brass barbed fitting 1/4 inch barb 1/4 inch $4.50
BR1238 Brass barbed fitting 3/8 inch barb 3/8 inch $4 ea.
PP12 Pipe plug, 1/2 inch caps end. 1/2 inch n/a $4.10
BN12 Brass nipple,1/2 inch ties two manifolds together 1/2 inch n/a $4 ea.
VP01 Brass pipe valve - can be threaded into pvc or brass pipe 1/8 inch n/a $4 ea.
VP14 Brass pipe valve- can be threaded into pvc or brass pipe 1/4 inch n/a $15 ea.
VP38 Brass pipe valve- can be threaded into pvc or brass pipe 3/8 inch n/a $16 ea.


Recommended Use: Install one or more or our Giant Leaf Traps with lid (cost $299.99 to399.99) in ground next to pond and plumb to pond drain. Plumb pump suction to Giant Leaf Trap to collect and contain pond waste material for later removal. This minimizes filter and pond cleaning, and maximizes filter operational times. Recommend ordering at least one extra basket and filter mat for ease of cleaning.

Chart, Data Clarification:

The Maximum Pond Size shown indicates the maximum pond size for greatest biological efficiency of a given system. Pond size can also be significantly smaller than the maximum rating. By using a larger system on a smaller pond, you will only further increase the biological cleanliness of the pond environment. Likewise, the pond could also be slightly larger than the rating on a system provided that there was not a significant fish load. (See Fish Capacity Data Above)

The Minimum Flow Rates indicated in the chart indicate the minimum flow rates required to backwash. Flow rates during the normal filter cycle can be significantly slower than indicated in the chart. However, during the backwash cycle, you must have the ability to increase the flow to the minimum rating for a proper backwash, or use the blower to achieve maximum backwash with least water loss. The maximum flow rates listed are a cross section of two factors. Mechanical control head port size for efficient flow without significant restriction, and contaminated water contact exposure to the billions of beneficial bacteria residing within the filter. Without a doubt, slower flow during the filter cycle is better, but, a faster flow rate also places the recirculating water in contact with the media more frequently, netting near identical nitrification results.

The Maximum Pressure Rating all Aquadyne systems is a whopping 50 psi ! --- We actually consider this a non issue, because the Central Diffuser column on our filter is so efficient and non-restrictive that you would have to install a 5HP pump and have the filter half clogged to put anywhere near 50 psi on the tank. This simply would not occur in any practical application so we consider it just a perk.

On The Other Hand, you should be aware that due to the spin welding that some competitors must use to attach fittings to their tanks, and thin tank wall construction, they can only rate their tank pressures at 15 psi maximum. Hardly sufficient for medium head pumps capable of any decent flow rate.  





The Superfalls pumps are your best choice for a centrifugal pump for your pond. Consider the following:  Lower noise levels, lower initial cost, lower energy consumption, 2" inlets and outlets give higher flow rates, and greater energy cost savings... all point to Superfalls as the pump of choice for your next pump! See how much money Superfalls pumps can save you!

CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS: KOI JOY has centrifugal pumps available in our exclusive 47 -183 gpm series of Super-Energy-Efficient (low head) pumps. These pumps are extremely energy efficient, with GPA (gallons/amp) efficiency ratings of 20-30. This means that when you select one of our Superfalls pumps for your pond, aquaculture system, lap pool, or any other water recirculating system, you will get the maximum flow possible at the lowest operating cost possible! Our LH models draw less current and pump more water than most other pond pumps available, and they cost less! Low head pumps such as these are perfect for use from 0-12 ft head. The Tiny Mite has a shut-off head of approx. 20 ft, while the larger models (47 gpm - 183 gpm) have a shut off head of up to18 ft. Used for recirculating water for ponds and operating low head waterfalls, these pumps can't be beat for efficient, quiet, reliable operation.

Power Supply-  The lower flow models of Superfalls LH pumps are wired to run at 115 volts and are supplied with a 6 ft cord and plug. They are so energy efficient that it isn't necessary to run them at 230 volts. Our pumps can be unplugged from the outlet and run on an extension cord (heavy duty) or portable generator, etc. making them always ready for emergency power. Our most efficient 1/4 hp models of Superfalls LH pump, with flows ranging to 183 gpm, can be run on 115 volts or 230 volts.

 Koi Joy's 2-speed medium head pumps are perfect for applications which require higher pressure and flow rates occasionally and lower pressures and flows at other times. A good example is for use with bead filters or Predator Bio-Filters which need higher pressures during the back-wash cycle. See below.

NEW! Pump easily Upgradeable- Only Superfalls LH pumps allow you to upgrade your pump to one of higher or lower flow with a simple conversion. Simply purchase the appropriate new wet end in chart below, loosen 4 bolts on motor, unscrew wet end from motor shaft, and screw on new wet end for new pumping capabilities. Or buy one pump and two different wet ends for two pumps in one! Then keep one wet end for a spare to replace the first when seals need repair - no down time while waiting for your local pump shop or The Pond Shop to change seals (for a small fee, we do replace seals on our pumps if returned to us). Buy the required pump today for your existing pond and if you make it larger later, or add a really big waterfall, upgrade to a larger model and save the old wet end for a backup. For a look at the pump flow curves, check out the information box below.  

 Exclusive feature - Full 360 degree output- Only Superfalls LH pumps can be easily rotated on the motor to allow the pump's discharge to be directed as desired - up, down, left, or right for ease of installation. Properly directed flow reduces resistance, elbows, pipe length, etc. As with conversion above, it only requires that the owner loosen 4 bolts, rotate the pump on the motor, and tighten the bolts.

New more energy efficient, more reliable motor - Our newest Superfalls pumps use a single motor to power all models of low head pumps - from the smallest KJ2400LH (1.9 amps at 115 volts or .95 amps at 230 volts), to the most powerful KJ11,000LH (3.9 amps at 115 volts or 2.0 amps at 230 volts). This motor is quiet, permanently lubricated, and more versatile than any other pump/motor combination available today - and it's warranty is for 2 years! Our new motor uses a split phase start system for higher starting torque and a capacitor on the run windings for higher efficiency. The small difference in cost for this new motor can be made up for by energy savings in as little as one month, yet you will benefit in many ways for many years. This special low energy, "does it all motor and pump" is available only from Koi Joy or our dealers!


How much energy (and money) can I save? 

Utility Electrical cost per kwhr

This table shows annual costs or savings in kwhr and dollars when one pump is replaced with another more efficient pump. Compare old pump vs. new pump to determine the difference in amps. Locate your utility rate at left, then move over to the column that reflects your amp difference, to determine your annual savings.

To determine annual operating cost, use the column with the amps of the pump in use, go down to the row which corresponds to your utility rate to find annual operating cost of your pump at 115 volts (double this amount if pump is operating at 230volts).

 Note: To use this table for pumps running on 230 volts, you must double the amps to convert to amps at 115 volts. example: You are replacing a pump which draws 12 amps at 230 volts (12 x 2 = 24 amps at 115 volts), with one which draws 6 amps at 230 volts (6 x 2 = 12 amps at 115 volts). You will use the 12 amp column (24 amps - 12 amps = 12 amps) to determine your savings. If your utility rate is $0.25 per kwhr, you would save approximately $3,030 per year. Just remember to double the amps on any motor that runs on 230 volts to accurately determine the kwhr and dollar savings from this table.

Table below assumes that the compared pumps are operated at 115 volts.

2 amps saved or  used

4 amps saved or  used

6 amps saved or  used

8 amps saved or  used

10 amps saved or  used

12 amps saved or  used


2,015 kwhr ($101)

4,030 kwhr ($202)

6,045 kwhr ($303)

8,059 kwhr ($403)

10,075 kwhr ($505)

12,090 kwhr ($606)


2,015 kwhr ($202)

4,030 kwhr ($404)

6,045 kwhr ($606)

8,059 kwhr ($806)

10,075 kwhr ($1,010)

12,090 kwhr ($1212)


2,015 kwhr ($303)

4,030 kwhr ($606)

6,045 kwhr ($909)

8,059 kwhr (1209)

10,075 kwhr ($1515)

12,090 kwhr ($1818)


2,015 kwhr ($404)

4,030 kwhr ($808)

6,045 kwhr ($1212)

8,059 kwhr ($1612)

10,075 kwhr ($2020)

12,090 kwhr ($2424)


2,015 kwhr ($505)

4,030 kwhr ($1,010)

6,045 kwhr ($1515)

8,059 kwhr ($2015)

10,075 kwhr ($2525)

12,090 kwhr ($3030)

amps - electrical current required to operate motor and carry load, normally stamped on motor. Can be used to compare efficiency of one motor vs. another as long as both operate at same voltage, ie. 115 volts or 230 volts. To use table above, double the amps on any motor running at 230 volts.

watts, kilowatts - Actual power used by motor or equipment to perform work, such as moving large amounts of water from one place to another. Watts can be calculated by:  amps x volts = watts or 1 amp x 115 volts = 115 watts. Note that kilo means thousand and therefore, one kilowatt-hour (amount of electricity we are actually charged for by our utility company) is one thousand watts for one hour. In the above example, changing pumps to one which saves one amp, would save you 1,150 watts or 1.15  kwhr over a 10 hour period. Amount of dollar savings depends on what you pay to your utility as shown on left of table above.

horsepower - a power rating for the motor which describes the power capability of the motor, not necessarily the power being produced. A 1/4 hp motor can be coupled to a small pump and may only be performing the work of a 1/10 hp (or even smaller) motor. The important thing is that the motor is large enough to handle the work required, but not too large as to consume too much energy such as is the case with most pond or pool pumps. Your energy savings will pay for your new Superfalls TM pumps!

Warranty- All Superfalls and Tiny Might pumps are guaranteed to perform as advertised for one year from date of purchase (Our new 1/4 hp model of low head centrifugal pumps guaranteed for 2 years from date of purchase). This is the standard warranty offered by most reputable manufacturers. An extended warranty is available from the Pond Shop for those who feel more comfortable with longer warranties for an additional $50 per year. This offer is available at time of original purchase, and must be pre-paid at that time. 

20 gpm 10-1200LH Tiny Might puts out 1150 gph or almost 20 gpm flow at 0.9 amps (less than 100 watts) for a GPA of 21.6. The Tiny Might has a 1/16 hp, 115 volt motor with 3' cord. The pump has 1" inlet/outlet ports and also comes furnished with two 1" unions. The Tiny Might even has an optional leaf trap available. The 10-LFT006 fits the Tiny Might and protects the pump against possible damage due to operation with loss of flow.
New! 45 gpm 10-3000LH Iron Might puts out 2700 gph or 45 gpm flow at 1.3 amps. The pump has 1 1/2 '' inlet/outlet ports and also comes with two 1 1/2'' unions. 
47 gpm The Superfalls 10-2400LH offers a flow rate of 2400 gph or 47 gpm for ponds to 2400 gallons or 4800 gallons when two are used. The 10- 2400LH only draws 2.0 amps when operating at full flow. 2" inlets and outlets.
67 gpm Our Superfalls 10-4000LH puts out an amazing 4000 gph (67 gpm) at only 2.4 amps (at 1' head)! That is an amazing 28 gpm for every amp (28 GPA) used. These low energy pumps use 1/10 hp motors coupled to our special pumps with large impellers to achieve high flows of 67 gpm. This pump beats the competition in purchase cost and energy savings. This pump has a shutoff head of 14 ft and therefore should be used for low head applications. At 5 ft head, the10-4000LH will still deliver an amazing 58 gpm at only 2.2 amps. 2" inlets and outlets.
87 gpm The Superfalls 10-5000LH is a good pump for ponds to 5000 gallons or to 10,000 gallons when two pumps are used. It puts out an amazing 5000 gph or more than 87 gpm at 1 ft head. 2" inlets and outlets.
100 gpm The Superfalls 10-6000LH is ideal for ponds to 6000 gallons or up, and for up to 12000 gallons when two pumps are used. This pump puts out 6000 gph or more than 100 gpm at 1 ft head. 2" inlets and outlets.
115 gpm The Superfalls 10-7000LH, with more than 7000 gph or 115 gpm flow rate is perfect for use in high flow, low head water falls or streams and Lap Pools. Use one, two, or more of these pumps for high flow, at low energy consumption in lap pools, swimming pools, waterfalls, etc. This pump has the highest flow of any energy efficient pond pump available today! See pump curves in information box below.
183 gpm Now available! Newest Superfalls pump, 10-11KLH1 183 GPM  at 3.9 amps, 115 volts (can be wired for 230 volts, 50/60 hz.) Permanently lubricated, 6 ft cord and plug on 115 volt models. 2" inlets and outlets. Also available with 2 1/2" inlet.

Each of the Superfalls LH pumps above (47, 67, 87, 100, or 115 gpm models) can easily be converted to any of the others by simply installing the appropriate new wet end on your Superfalls pump 1/4 hp motor. This allows the owner to quickly replace the wet end when increased flow is needed, seals wear out, etc. Buy your Superfalls pump and extra wet end for less than other energy efficient pumps alone and save 10% on the extra wet end! See pump curves in information box below.


MODEL HP AMPS 115v FLOW @ 1', 3', 5' 

Flow is reduced by approx 20% at 5 ft head. Shut-off head is 14 -15 ft on all models except Tiny Mites (23 ft shut-off head). Energy consumption (amps) also decreases with reduced flow.



1/16 hp

1/8 hp

0.9 amps

1.3 amps

20 / 17 / 15 gpm, (23 ft shut-off head)

To 50 gpm (15 ft shut-off head) 1 year warranty!     

22 GPA

35 GPA





 1/4 hp 

1.9 amps

2 year warranty!

25 GPA



1/4 hp 

2.2 amps

2 year warranty!

30 GPA



1/4 hp

2.4 amps

2 year warranty!

36 GPA



1/4 hp

2.6 amps

2 year warranty!

38 GPA


10-7000LHC 1/4 hp 3.1 amps 115 / 100/ 90 gpm (14.2 ft shut-off head) 115/230 Volts

2 year warranty!

37 GPA $409.99
10-8000LHC 1/4 hp 3.2 amps 133 gpm max flow (18.5 ft shut-off head) 115/230 Volts. 

2 year warranty!

41 GPA $419.99
10-9000LHC 1/4 hp 3.5 amps 150 gpm max flow (18.5 ft shut-off head) 115/230 Volts. 

2 year warranty!

43 GPA $429.99


1/4 hp 3.8 amps 167 gpm max flow (18.5 ft shut-off head) 115/230 Volts. 

2 year warranty!

44 GPA $439.99


1/4 hp 3.9 amps 183 gpm max flow (18.5 ft shut-off head) 115/230 Volts. 

2 year warranty!

45 GPA $449.99
10-LFT006  6 " DIAM LEAF TRAP for LH or MH pumps 

Giant Leaf Traps available in 3'' and 4'' inlet. for more details click here.

NA $59.99
10-LFT6TM 6 " DIAM LEAF TRAP for Tiny Might pump, same as above, except supplied with required fittings to adapt 2" inlet and outlet to 1" for use with TM-1200 pump NA $69.99
10-BP1060 8 1/2" X 15.5"


NA $24.99





1/8 hp with capacitor


1/4 hp with capacitor 


Coming Soon! Replacement low head motor, 1/8 HP, with capacitor (includes 6 ft. cord) 1 year warranty!


Replacement low head motor, 1/4 HP, with capacitor (includes 6 ft cord) More efficient and 2 year warranty!69





NEW! A lower cost way to attach pipe of all sizes to tanks. This rubber grommet is easily slipped into a hole cut with standard hole saws from outside the tank. Once Uniseal is slipped into place with dishwashing soap, standard PVC, or metal pipe can be pressed into grommet making a water tight seal for water tanks, filters, etc. Uniseals are available in standard sizes and cost approximately 1/2 the cost of the larger bulk head fittings. Orders of 10 or more of any single size qualify for 10% discount.

KJ COLORS KOI FOOD- Our floating, non-clouding formula is available in three pellet sizes and two container sizes. This food is all that your prized koi or gold fish will need for their year-round good health and bright colors. With Spirulina to brighten their colors, and stabilized Vitamin C to reduce disease attacks, this is our food best buy!

3LB  Plastic Container @ $14.99

3LB  Plastic Container, with krill, @ $25.00 (4 for $85.00)

25LB. Bulk @ $59.99 (2 for $109.99)

KJ' s BIO-LYTE FILTER GRAVEL- Our zeo-lyte gravel is specially selected for its size and quality. This 1/4" - 1/2" gravel absorbs ammonia and other toxic materials from your pond or tank water. It also serves as one of the best filter medias available for bacteria to colonize. Available in two sizes of containers, our 50 lb bulk bags are perfect for use as your primary filter media or as a finishing media to supplement your primary filter.

Bio-lyte is also available in our exclusive 10 lb fabric bags which can be hung in your pond or tank as a protective measure to absorb any ammonia as it is generated. These are the only known way of absorbing ammonia in cold winter pond water after your bio-filter's bacteria has died off. Protect your valuable koi during the winter month's too!

10 LB. Hanging Bag @ $29.99 ea., 50 LB. Bulk @ $39.99 ea., 150 LB. Bulk @ $109.99

   Sinking Tubular Replacement-Media   

Our new tubular media 04-KJTMHS works well as a replacement for sand in most pool filters. Due to it's unique shape and light weight, this media passes high flow without excessive plugging, while allowing for easy backwashing. The media is manufactured with small fins along its outside surface, and is extruded with internal vanes to give the media an extremely high surface area. Used to replace sand in filters, this media increases flow and allows use of energy efficient low head pumps such as our Superfalls KJ11000LHC (or other). Works well with sand filters which use a multi-port valve with ports which will retain the media within the filter tank. Look at the bottom of the multi-port valve and verify that the exhaust ports on the it's underside will not pass the media during backwash. Koi Joy maintains a stock of filters which are known to have suitable multi-port valves for this media.

Measure the volume of water that your filter (or purchase the sand filter from us PLEASE CALL) will hold when slightly more than 1/2 full to determine the cubic feet of media required. For reference, 1 cubic foot is equal to 7 1/2 gallons of water. 

04-KJTM5S Sinking tubular media





Important Reference and other Neat Stuff!


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