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 Calibrated in gallons, with an accuracy of 1% and a flow rate of 1/4 gpm to 20 gpm. Can be installed permanently or may be attached to a hose to measure water flowing into pond or tank. This meter is manufactured of a strong and durable polymer plastic, or is available in brass if desired. Subtract initial reading from final reading for total gallons.


03-WMPOLY Polymer $110.99
03-WMBRAS Brass $115.99



We have two types of flow meters to allow adjusting flow rates through your pond, filter, and UV systems. In general, pitot tube types of meters will cost less and are simple to install, but a little less accurate. Normally, the more expensive digital meters are more accurate, and may offer a wider range of flow rates. Both of our meter types offer high degree of reliability at the most reasonable cost.




 Pitot Tube Type  

  Digital Meter, Saddle Mount  

Accuracy +/- 10% Of full scale +/- 2% Of full scale
For 2" Pipe   FIP200L  40 -150 gpm    $89.99   FIDS120     30 - 300 gpm       $289.99
" FIP200H   15 -70 gpm     $89.99 NA
  For 2 1/2" Pipe     FIP250H   60 - 240 gpm    $99.99   NA


Pitot tube meters:  TheFIP200 and FIP250 meters are made of acrylic plastic and are designed to be installed directly onto existing piping or new piping. You don't have to cut your pipe to install these meters as long as you have a short length of pipe in which to install your meter. Most accurate readings will be achieved with installation 20" - 100" downstream of pipe fittings, valves, pumps, etc. Choose the unit to fit the diameter of your PVC pipe, ie. 2" or 2 1/2", etc. These are installed by drilling a hole into the pipe, placing the unit into the hole, and clamping with the clamps provided, onto the pipe. These operate within + or - 10% accuracy. This is usually adequate for most pond or aquaculture applications. For higher accuracy, use our digital meters.

Digiflow FIDS120 Saddle Meters: This very accurate meter is installed by drilling a hole into an existing or new pipe, placing the new meter into the hole and clamping into place. The meter uses a paddle wheel which drops down into the flow path offering very little resistance to flow, thus making these ideal for low pressure, energy efficient pumps. Most accurate readings will be achieved with installation from 20" - 100" downstream of pipe fittings, valves, pumps, etc. This digital meter uses 2 AAA batteries to indicate by 4 digits with 3 decimal points. Suitable for pressures to 300 psi.



   These mercury switches float upright in the water when attached to a weight, cement block, post or something in the water. When the level drops, due to water loss, such as a pipe break or valve left open, the switch opens to shut off any device which is plugged into its' built-in outlet. Easy to set up, this is a necessary piece of safety equipment for those concerned about their fish or pump.
The switches have 20 ft cords and are epoxy filled for safety. The smallest switch, LS-13, can handle pumps up to 1/2 hp with a maximum of 13 amps running current.
LS-15 can operate a larger pump to 1 hp/120 VAC with a maximum of 15 amps running current.
LS-28 can handle 2 hp pumps running at 230 volts (15 amps running or 85 starting current) or 3/4 hp running at 120 Vac (15 amps running or 85 starting current).
The switches are plugged into a GFI outlet and the pump is then plugged into the cord. The switch can also be used to operate an alarm system for detecting low level in your pond. Both switches are for 115 volt use.
11-LEVS13   $73.99 
11-LEVS15   $99.99 
11-LEVS28 $110.99



 The Hudson valve is the easiest way to add this safety feature to your pond. Don't bother with trying to keep your pond or tank filled to the proper level. Just sit back and let it fill itself as needed.

We have two different models of the Hudson valve to choose from. Our Hi pressure model is designed to attach to a 1" mail threaded fitting from your water supply, faucet, etc. Plumb it so that it sets just in the water surface and it will keep your pond filled. As the level drops, a small float opens to admit fresh water to your pond. This means that you can drain water from your pond as is recommended and it will be automatically refilled with clean water.
 The second model operates with low pressure water from a water tank, cistern, or a low pressure water pump. This allows you to transfer water from a remote water collection point such as a stream, river, etc for makeup to your pond.





NEW! Pond Leveling Device

MultiScanner ProIt is sometimes difficult to build a pond and end up with the water at same level, or 4 inches below the ponds' edge all of the way around. This is because the ground slopes one way or the other in virtually every back yard. Every pond builder needs a simple way to adjust the ponds' edge before placing the liner or concrete wall. Every contractor or pond installer certainly needs a simple yet accurate way to assure a level pond and to locate the lowest end of the pond so that if or when it over-flows, you will direct that flow in a safe direction. Imagine the potential damage if overflow water goes into you pump pit, UV sterilizer, etc.

The Electra Level Pro is an ideal tool for determining level reference points up to 100 feet apart, or 50 ft in every direction around the device. Electra Level Pro simplifies working around corners with accurate and reliable measurements and is ideal for a number of applications. The Electra Level Pro features a 50 foot hose and a built-in bubble level to help with setup. The Electra Level Pro requires one 9-volt battery, which is not included. Additional hoses are available to increase the range of the unit in increments of 25 feet each.

The device is set up at a location to be used as a reference point, say in the center of the pond. The unit and tubing is filled with water, and set to activate. The end of the tubing is moved to the new location to be checked for height comparison or level and the tubing is raised or lowered until the alarm is triggered. The level of the water in the tube is exactly level with the reference point and the level of the water in the tubing can be compared to ground level to determine any adjustment required. 

A simple but low cost device, the leveling system will last many years and can be used in any job which requires precise elevations, ie placement of rain gutters, fences, etc. Use your Electra Level Pro to determine the exact static head height of a water fall, a filter, an upper pond, etc.

Now anyone can quickly and easily locate precise level over distances as great as 100 feet (30 m), even out of sight and around corners. No serious pond builder can afford not to own one!

ElectraLevel streamlines difficult layout tasks into a simple one-person operation.
Level fences, ponds, decks, cabinets, masonry, suspended ceilings, concrete forms and drainage pipes.
Traditional water-leveling combined with modern electronics ensures accuracy near that of lasers costing thousands.
A loud audio signal indicates level. Operated with 9 volt battery, not included.
A tough polymer housing and a rugged non-kink hose survive the roughest construction environments.
ElectraLevel comes with 50 feet (15 m) of hose. Additional hose available in 25 ft increments..
03-LEV050 50 FT. LEVELER $59.99 EA
03-HOS025 25 FT. EXTRA HOSE $12.99 EA




  The thermo cube plugs into an outlet or extension cord (must be protected from weather) and turns on devices near freezing (35 degrees or 2 degrees C) and turns them off at a safe temperature (45 degrees F or 7 degrees C). Use to turn on heaters, heat tape, heat lamps or de-icers. Save energy by turning off these devices when not needed. Rated maximum of 1800 watts or 15 amps at 115 volts. UL and CSA listed.






   Technical Help / Orders (509)-586-1945  

Orders only 1-800-497-3627 24 hours a day



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