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New! Water Proof Silicone Sealant New! SAVIO SkimmerFilter New! Turn your Tetra Bottom Drain into a SuperPond Air Dome!

New! Turn your  Bottom Drain into a SuperPond Air Dome!

New! SuperPond Bottom Drain with Air Dome


Check out our new low prices! EPDM Pond Liners New! Check Valves Pool Type Skimmers Bottom Drains

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Fernco Rubber Couplers & Fittings


  Pond guard EPDM POND LINERS  

    Prices Reduced!   EPDM LINERS- KOI JOY's aquaculture grade 45 mil EPDM rubber liners are manufactured in the USA by Firestone, the largest producer of aquaculture grade pond liners. Recognized world wide as the best and easiest way to build a pond, Firestone's  EPDM Pond guard liner is the most commonly used material available today. While heavy enough to endure against tears and punctures, this material is flexible to enable it to conform to your ponds walls and corners. This is the easiest way to build a pond of any size. Simply dig the hole, measure it, order materials, and when it arrives, unroll and place. This liner carries a 20 year warranty and is more resistant to tears and punctures than other liner materials. Available in 45 mil, it can be glued and taped together to form a stream or waterfall leading into pond. We recommend use of SEAM SEALER KIT 03-SEAMKT (includes 25 ft of tape, 16 oz. seam sealer, brush, roller, etc. for double seam sealing and leak protection. Purchase cut liner in widths of either 5 1/2', 10 ft, 15 ft, 20 ft, 25 ft, and up to 50 ft wide, and in lengths of 100 ft long. Because liner is manufactured in multiples of 5 ft width, it must be sold in one of those widths. 45 mil cut liner cost is $0.77/ft2 plus freight. Whole rolls of 45 mil liner cost $0.74/ft2 plus freight.. Rolls are available in 100 ft long, etc. There is an additional charge for residential delivery, lift gate fees, etc. Residential fees vary from $50 to $95 depending on local area.

  JOINING LINER FOR STREAMS OR WATERFALLS When joining two liner sections together, as when attaching a waterfall or stream to a pond, use seam prep 03-SEA16 to clean mating surfaces, 03-TAPE23 or 03-TAPE26 to join along together, with caulk 03-BCAU16 if desired, then cover seam with 03-TAPE6B for insurance against leakage. We recommend at least two methods and preferably 3, for sealing against leaks when under water pressure or if the seam will be difficult to reach for repair of any leaks. PENETRATING LINER WITH PIPE

Pipe boots 03-PBKIT2 or 03-PBKIT5 are used to seal pipe joint where it penetrates liner. Pipe is inserted through liner, liner surrounding pipe is cleaned with liquid seam prep 03-SEAM16 (not included with boot), and boot tip is cut off to fit pipe (boot is in conical shape with built-in self-sticking flange). Pipe at penetration is covered with caulk 03-BCAU16 (not included with pipe boot), boot is slid onto pipe, paper backing is removed from boot flange, then boot is pressed onto liner to seal. Finally, clamp (included with pipe boot) is installed onto boot tip, and tightened to seal boot to pipe.

03-L__ __X__ __

i.e.. 03-L15x23 etc.

Cut Pieces, EPDM Liner, Specify Length and Width, (multiples of 5 ft) Order the length required from one of the rolls in table C below. $0.77/FT2
03-Width x Length R (see chart C below) Full Rolls, Specify Width (increment of 5 ft), and length, 50 ft, 100 ft, etc. See Chart  C Below.  


03-U15X__ __* Fabric pond under-layment protects liner from rocks, roots, etc. 15 ft wide, sold by the square ft. Full rolls are 15 ft wide by 300 ft long. *Order 15 ft width by length needed. Will be cut into pieces weighing less than 150 lbs for shipment by UPS. $0.49/FT2


Low cost 3" (TAPE13)or 6" (TAPE16) single backed tape, black pvc outer cover, used to cover seam when two sections of liner are joined as with 03-TAPE23 or 26 below. Use this tape as low cost insurance against leaks. $1/ ft

$2/ ft



3" (TAPE23) or 6" (TAPE26) double backed tape, used between two overlapped sections of liner to make one larger section, or join a stream or waterfall to a pond. Suggest use of 03-TAPE6B below to cover seam as insurance. $1/ ft

$2/ ft

03-TAPE6B 6" single backed cover strip, used to cover seams with tough layer of EPDM tape. This is the recommended means of covering seams, especially in critical work. Manufactured and recommended by Firestone.  $3.50/ft
03-PAT6IN 6" circular patch used to patch small holes or tears in EPDM pond liner. This patch is made of a durable EPDM material with self-sticking adhesive on back. Clean new liner with seam prep 03-SEAM16 below.  $6.99 ea.
03-QUICKPRP Quick Prime Plus is designed to clean and prepare pondgard EPDM liner. (quart size) $30.00


Seam prep, must be used as cleaner for preparing liner for pipe boots, joining liner sections, patching liner cuts, etc. with tape, patches, etc. Bottle contains 16 ounces to handle lots of seams. $12.99 ea.


Butyl caulk for use in caulk gun, 16 oz. Use to caulk along edges of patch or seams. $9.99/tube


Seam Sealer Kit (includes 25 ft 3" double backed tape, liquid seam sealer, brush, roller). Use with 03-TAPE6B and BCAU16 above. $65.99 ea.

New! 03-PBKITU

Universal Pipe Boot for penetrating liner with pipe from 1'' to 6- 7/8'' diam., includes stainless steel clamp.  $32.99


Full Rolls  Pond Guard Pond Liner

  Full Rolls of EPDM Pond Guard pond liner are available in most full roll sizes. These can be shipped by freight truck direct to your home or business. Shipping weights are shown on each roll size available. Cost is calculated at $0.74 per sq. ft. Cost indicated does not include delivery charges which will be added at time of order. There is an additional $55 to $95 delivery charge to all residential areas, added by the freight company.



Use our 45 mil EPDM liner for the pond and for the water fall/stream system. Basically, dig a hole for the pond and stream bed and measure the hole with a flexible rope or tape as follows: 

measure pond liner size: To measure the width, start 1-2 feet outside the widest section of the hole, and run the tape down into the hole and out the opposite side to one -2 feet beyond the hole. Then repeat to measure the other direction for length. Note: If the hole is curved like a crescent or "C", generally follow the shape of the hole, i.e. measure the length of the hole as it curves. Cut off extra material for waterfall or stream beds. 

Leave at least a foot or preferably two feet of extra liner all the way around, then order the liner. Use our pond under-layment to line hole for liner protection. You may also use old carpeting, newspapers, sand, or other material if necessary to protect liner from sharp rocks, tree roots, etc. When liner arrives, roll it out and lay it down in the hole. The black rubber material can get very hot on a summer day so use caution when touching. Use at least two of our seaming materials, i.e.. butyl caulk + double backed seaming tape, single sided tape, etc. to assure non-leaking seams. Stack or position rocks, sod, plants etc. around pond to conceal liner edges. Extra liner trimmed off previously can be used to double up the liner at places where large rocks are to be placed. 

seam liner sections: Seaming of two or more liner sections into one piece may be accomplished by use of our seaming kit 03-SEAMKT. This kit includes 25 ft of 3" double backed tape, 1 pint of liquid seam prep 03-SEAM16 which is required for a good seam, brush, pads, and a roller. Follow cleaning directions in Seam Kit 03-SEAMKT to assure removal of talc, dirt, grime, etc from liner. It is imperative that the rubber liner be absolutely clean prior to use of seaming tape or caulk. Order one kit for each 25 ft of seam. Butyl caulk 03-BCAU16 is recommended to improve the seam and to act as a second and backup sealing mechanism. Finally, clean and cover the actual seam with a 6" batten strip 03-TAPE6B to assure a permanent leak-proof seam. Order the length of the batten strip needed.

Alternately, when joining two liner sections together, as when attaching a waterfall or stream to a pond, use seam prep 03-SEAM16 to clean liners, 03-TAPE23 or  03-TAPE26 to join along with 03-BCAU16 caulk along edge if desired, then cover seam with 03-TAPE13 or 03-TAPE16 for insurance against leakage. We recommend at least two methods and preferably 3, for sealing against leaks when under water pressure or if the seam will be difficult to reach for repair of any leaks. 

PATCHING LINER : Use 03-PAT6IN patches to permanently fix small tears or cuts (3-4" or less). Clean new liner with seam prep 03-SEAM16 to remove talcum and allow best possible repair. Alternatively, for larger patch jobs, use a section of liner attached to torn section with double backed tape 03-TAPE23 (3" wide) or 03-TAPE26 (6" wide) and the seam edge covered with single backed tape 03-TAPE13 or 03-TAPE16 for added reliability.

Use our bottom drains (03-BDL300 or 03-BDL400 below) and local 3" PVC pipe to supply your pumps. It is preferred to install the pumps dry, below the water level to assure they stay primed. You should plumb a strainer basket or trash basket such as our DRUM STRAINER DSL-1 before the pump to protect it from leaves and trash. Your bio-filter could be located to supply a waterfall and stream. To reduce energy costs, you should minimize the height of any waterfall and stream and use a low energy pump Superfalls pump such as the SUPERFALLS KJ11000LHC

STATIC HEAD HEIGHT: Static head height is measured from the surface of the pond to the height where the water is pumped to. In other words, even if your pump draws from the bottom of a 6 foot deep pond and pumps another 6 feet, the water is only being moved 6 feet from the surface of the pond to the level where it is discharged. We recommend that you attempt to minimize the height, distance, and turns, elbows, etc. that your pump must move the water through. Another way of reducing head loss, is to use larger diameter piping wherever possible. Plan to use 2" or 2 1/2" suction and discharge pipe for each pump and to use 3" or 4" plumbing where multiple pumps combine or when moving the water long distances. A waterfall 10 ft high will require a larger pump and thus more energy to supply than a 2 to 4 ft waterfall or stream. We have seen some nice looking waterfalls with elevation changes of only 1 to 3 foot. For very large waterfalls, up to 10' 12' high, use our largest low head Superfalls pump models with flows to 11,000 gallons per hour flow.

If you are building a large pond, we recommend that you consider use of two or more pumps rather than attempting to get full flow with a single pump. Multiple pumps offer some real benefits besides just energy savings. For example two KJ11000LHC pumps can provide from 300 to360 gpm at only 7.2 amps at 1-5 ft head. To get the same flow from one large medium head pump would require 3-4 times the energy consumption. Multiple pumps also allow you a measure of insurance against loss of flow (and thus protection of fish) and allow you to shut off one or more pumps for more energy efficient winter or night-time operation. Note: bio-filters require 24 hr flow for proper operation. 

We suggest that when building a pond, there are three places which you should insist on the best. First is of course the EPDM liner. Second would be to select the most energy efficient of the pumps that meet your requirements. Third, don't attempt to minimize the importance of a high performance bio-filter.





New! SuperPond Air Drain 







We are now producing our SuperPond AirDrain with a 10" or a 12" Air Dome installed. As shown on the left, the unit is complete and ready to install. A 4" rubber coupler is normally included, but can be swapped for a 4 x 3" reduced coupler, if preferred, at time of ordering. A 1/2" barbed fitting is installed through the bottom as shown on the left. Also if preferred, a 3/4" barbed fitting can be swapped at time of order. 

Why do I need an Aerating Bottom Drain (AirDrain)? First, the rising air column from your BAD10 or 12 entrains a tremendous amount of water with it, which means that as the water rises to the surface with the air, it has to be replaced from the pond water around it. This creates a current of water moving across the bottom of the pond towards the drain, dragging dead algae, fish waste, leaves, etc. into the drain for removal. This of course means ultimately you will be rewarded with a cleaner, clearer, healthier, and odor free pond.

Second, a more aerated pond with a higher O2 level, will ultimately retain a higher beneficial bacteria level, which then consumes more of the fish waste, faster, and more thoroughly, which greatly improves water quality, clarity, and makes it more odor free! Less work for you, and healthier fish, and a more enjoyable back yard!

Note that the 10" dome requires an air flow of 1-2 CFM of air, while the 12" dome operates with 1 1/2 to 3 CFM of air flow. One of our DBL-40 Linear air pumps will provide the flow required for one Air Drain while a DBL-80 can provide the air for 2 of the AirDrains.

Two different styles of bottom drains are available for either liner or concrete ponds. The liner models 03-BDL300 and 03-BDL400 consist of two halves which are screwed together with two gaskets and the liner between them. The top half has a hollow domed cover which prevents fish and large items from entering the discharge pipe. The lower half is underneath the liner and is glued into a standard 3" or 4" PVC elbow. This elbow (not supplied) then transfer the water to a settling chamber, pump, etc. also not supplied.

Our 4" drain, the 03-BDL400 has a side 4" outlet for 4" pipe, flange, flange plate, and a domed cover for liner ponds. This drain can also be used in concrete if necessary although designed for liner ponds.

Two or more bottom drains are recommended in medium to large ponds for safety and increased flow characteristics.

Use our Portable Main drain 03-PBDL20, black, to add a bottom drain to existing ponds without cutting liner or concrete. Uses 2" pipe,  rests on pond bottom and no penetrations required. Pump sucks directly from this drain from over the side, or can be connected to our giant leaf trap 03-KJLCT3 or 03-KJLCT4 below (pump then draws water from it). Can also be used with portable skimmer item # 03-PSKL15 to add skimmer to pond with no penetrations. 


Bottom drain, liner, 3"


03-BDLA300 New! Add Air Disk to your Tetra Bottom Drain

Fill Drain Reservoir Box with gravel, concrete, and The Disk will replace your current Dome, and when connected to an air pump, will aerate your pond, increasing health of pond, clarity, and removing odor*.

10" Air Dome $299.99

12" Air Dome $329.99

4'' Bottom Drain

order 4 x 4 coupler, 4 x 3 coupler, or 4 x 2 coupler, your choice





Now!  SuperPond 4" AirDrain with Air Dome, 10" or 12"

Helps to keep your pond clean, and clear*. Makes your bottom drain work better. Our new Bottom AirDrain can be fitted to 4", 3", or even 2" by using couplers at time of installation.

order 4 x 4 coupler, 4 x 3 coupler, or 4 x 2 coupler, your choice, comes with 1/2" barb, easily adjustable to 1/4", 3/4", etc.

Order with 10" air dome  or 12" air dome,

10" Dome $349.99 

12" Dome $369.99



New! After - Install of Air dome for Easy Pro Bottom Drains.

Add an Air Dome to your Bottom Drain*

Kit includes everything to add Air Dome to your Bottom Drain. Order kit with either 10" dome or 12" dome. 

10" Kit $329.99

12" Kit $349.99

03-BDC200 Main drain, 2", concrete $49.99


Portable Bottom drain, black, for liner or concrete ponds. Uses 2" pipe,  rests on pond bottom, no penetrations required. Pump sucks directly from this drain from over the side, or can be connected to our giant leaf trap 03-KJLCT3 or 03-KJLCT4 below (pump then draws water from it). Can also be used with portable skimmer item # 03-PSKL15 to add skimmer to pond with no penetrations.  $79.99


*An Air Disk creates a rising column of air, which "drags" along nearby water with it. The rising column causes water to rush toward the column along the bottom of the pond, which then increases the effectiveness of your bottom drain. It also increases the circulation of water in the pond, aerating the pond to increase the level of beneficial bacteria to clean the pond better, hence reducing algae, increasing water clarity, and reducing any odor level. 




Water Lube is perfect for home and marine use, automotive and industrial, pools and spas, as well as sporting equipment.  Use on windows and sliding doors, water pumps and filters, hinges and latches, bicycle chains and roller skates, faucets and valves, yard equipment and wagon wheels, hunting and fishing equipment, and hundreds more applications where parts and materials are exposed to water and moisture.

03-WTRLUBE     1.75 ounce           $3.99


Ultra-Mark™  Paint Applicators

Inverted spray valve. Bright fluorescent colors formulated to generate superior brilliance for long range visibility. 2 colors available: Fluorescent Orange and Pink.

03-PNTORG    $5.99

03-PNTPINK   $5.99

Rolla-Marker Paint Applicator

Paint applicator on a wheel saves bending over to spray. Made of tough injection molded A.B.S. plastic with chrome plated metal handle. Uses spray cans with inverted spray tip only.

  Mckanica Marine silicone sealants are an excellent choice for sealing bottom drain gaskets, skimmer attachments, and other under water applications. The pressurized can allows reuse of unused silicone at later dates. The easy to use operating valve makes this an essential item to have on hand when building your pond or performing other work around the house.

Available in Black, Clear, or White.

 Do not attempt to seam liner with silicone. 



Catalog #


Color Size Cost ea.
SILBLK Black Silicone Sealant BLACK 16 oz $12.99
SILWHT White Silicone Sealant WHITE 16 oz $12.99
SILCLR Clear Silicone Sealant CLEAR 16 oz $12.99

 The SUPERPOND collection trap connects directly to the pond's bottom drain  and skimmer to collect debris from pond. Pump is connected via the 2" bulk head fitting (supplied) and draws water from inside of the collection vessel itself. Water enters collection tank and flows through the strainer basket to pump. Debris is left behind within the strainer for easy removal and cleaning. Saves a lot of effort and time that would be spent cleaning your pond, leaf trap, or pump internals. Available for 3" pipe (03-SPLCT3) or 4" pipe (03-SPLCT4). Supplied with lid (not shown), strainer basket 03-SPLCB3 or 03-SPLCB4, leaf basket filter media, and 2" bulk head fitting.
With this system, you can now clean your pond by sweeping stuff directly into the bottom drain to be swept into the collection trap. This easy to clean trap will hold weeks of bottom debris for later removal.

Now you won't have to worry about leaves plugging up your pump or your skimmer.  When it fills with leaves or algae, simply pull it out, rinse out with garden hose and return to drum. It's simple slip fit makes removal and replacement easy and painless. Plumb your centrifugal pump directly to the drum with one of our bulk head fittings (not included) for strained water or simply place a submersible pump into the drum with its hose leading to your filter. A simple yet effective way to decrease your pond maintenance duties and protect your koi!


35'' tall from lid to elbow (elbow not included)      
27'' wide at top of drum

Basket Dimensions:

24'' high x 18'' in diameter

03-SPLCT3    leaf collection trap with large removable strainer basket, 3" inlet    $299.99
03-SPLCT4    leaf collection trap with large removable strainer basket, 4" inlet    $399.99
03-SPLCB3    Extra leaf collection basket, with 3" inlet    $99.99
03-SPLCB4    Extra leaf collection basket, with 4" inlet    $129.99
03-SPLBFM  Extra leaf basket filter media    $33.99 



New! SAVIO SkimmerFilters 


SkimmerFilter base unit. Has two built-in UV ports, skimmer basket, filter for ponds to 1000 gallon size. Base Unit and one Weir Inlet are priced and sold separately. UV's Optional and extra as shown.

Savio has changed the way we build ponds with its new SkimmerFilter combo. The SkimmerFilter base unit can take care of skimming ponds to 8000 gallons with flows to 8000 gph. Internal ports (2) allow for the addition now or later of two UV sterilizer units. These are the easiest UV's to clean - simply twist to unlock, remove, wipe, and reinsert. No screws, or anything to take loose to clean. A large trash basket collects leaves and trash for simple removal. The SkimmerFilter has a built-in filter pad which is purported to be able to handle ponds to 1000 gallons. Anything larger should have a supplemental bio-filter.

 Three different size skimmer weir inlets are used for different sized ponds or flows. Order the base unit, and the appropriate weir inlet for your pond. This wonderful skimmer can be installed in concrete ponds or liner ponds. The extremely strong unit comes with a very strong lid, which is strong enough to be walked on, easily supporting a couple of football players (if necessary).

Note: Savio has now replaced all UV Sterilizers with their new model (INEX), which does not require the use of a sleeve, but requires a new model of UV mount, new transformers, and of course new lamps. See New! below.

04-SKFBU1 Base Unit (to 8000 gph max flow) requires one Weir Inlet (6'', 8.5'' or 16''). Specify which size when you order. Weirs are priced and sold separately. N/A 8,000 gal pond $425.00


04-SKFW06 Weir Inlet (to 3000 gph flow) 6 Inch to 3,000 gal pond $35.00
04-SKFW85 Weir Inlet (3000-5000 gph flow) 8 1/2 Inch to 5,000 gal pond $35.00
04-SKFW16 Weir Inlet  (5000-8000 gph flow) 16 Inch to 8,000 gal pond $35.00
04-SKFU25 UV Sterilizer (use 1 for each 2500 gph flow)  25 Watt   $243.00
04-SKFU26IX Inex New! UV Sterilizer (use 1 for each 2500 gph flow) Req's No Sleeve 26 Watt   $243.00
04-SKFU50IX Inex New! UV Sterilizer (use 1 for each 3200 gph flow) Req's No Sleeve 50 Watt   $367.00
04-SKFU57 UV Sterilizer  (use 1 for each 3200 gph flow each)  57 Watt   $395.00
04-SSLEEVE Replacement sleeves for UV sleeve   $67.99
04-SLAMP25 25 Watt Replacement lamp lamp $74.99
04-SLAMP57 57 Watt Replacement Lamp lamp $102.99
04-SLAMP26IXNew! 26 Watt Replacement lamp lamp $90.99
04-SLAMP50IXNew! 50 Watt Replacement Lamp lamp $140.99
04-INEXUVMTNew! Replacement Mount for 26W & 50W inex UV Sterilizers $6.99
04-STRAN25W 25 Watt Transformer 25W $155.99
04-STRAN57W 57 Watt Transformer 57W $240.99
04-STR26WIXNew! 26 Watt Transformer 26W $155.99
04-STR50WIXNew! 50 Watt Transformer 50W $240.99
04-COMPNUT Compression Nut N/A $4.99
04-UVORING UV O-ring N/A $1.99
04-UVGASKET UV Gasket N/A $4.99
04-SKDIVIDER Skimmer Divider N/A $5.99
04-SKBAFBLK Skimmer Baffle Block N/A $7.99
04-SKBRINS Skimmer Brass Insert N/A $1.99
04-SKSCRPK Skimmer Screw Packet N/A $10.99
04-SKFPAD Replacement Filter Pad N/A   $19.99
04-SSKIMLID Skimmer Rock Lid N/A $169.00
04-SFILTLID Filter Rock Lid N/A $169.00




New! SAVIO Filters 


Select the filter to fit your construction plans. The model F100 has a 22" waterfall curtain weir and creates an instant waterfall. Pond liner attaches to the front of the filter under the curtain weir to direct flow to the pond.

Model F200 allows a different way to direct your filtered flow to a distant waterfall or directly back to the pond. The F200 offers you a chance to hide it in a remote location, ie. behind a building, shrub, etc. and pipe the water where ever you want. The 2" pipe discharge fitting allows you to attach a male adapter (not supplied) and pvc pipe directly to the filter to deliver the water wherever you want. Flow exits the filter through the bulk head fitting, down an elbow through approximately two feet of pipe, then continues via another elbow toward the pond or waterfall.

Both models come with one box of Spring Flo filter media and a top polishing filter mat to remove the finer particles. Both models come with a very strong lid, capable of supporting the weight of a very large person without damage. 


Remote Model

04-SAV100 SAVIO SPILLWAY FILTER, 22" 5,000 gph max $499.99
04-SAV200 SAVIO PIPED REMOTE FILTER 4,000 gph max $499.99
04-SAVTPM SAVIO TOP POLISHING MAT (Replacement)   $19.99
04-SFFM01  (Extra) Spring Flo Bio Media, Roll   $69.99


  Two models of surface skimmer are available. These large skimmers come with two discharge pipes at the bottom (2" and 1 1/2") for increased flow and utility. Both models can be used with either or both discharge connections. Both skimmers are provided with a strainer to catch leaves, etc.

Model 03-SSKLIN is a liner model skimmer which comes with a flange, gasket, and cover plate to seal against the liner. Model 03-SSKCON is designed for concrete use and otherwise is essentially the same.

Model 03-PSKL15 is designed to be added to an existing pond with no skimmer and when you don't want to cut liner or concrete. Go over the side with 1 1/2 inch pipe, angle upwards into the bottom of this floating skimmer. You can also install a portable bottom drain, 03-PBDL20 above, and use a "Tee" to add this portable skimmer to your pond. Now your pump draws water off the bottom of the pond and off the surface with leaves trapped in the skimmer basket!
03-SSKLIN Surface skimmer, liner $119.99
03-SSKCON Surface skimmer, concrete $109.99


Portable surface skimmer, black, 1 1/2 inch outlet, rated at 20 - 55 gpm flow, can be used with 03-PBDL20 above. $99.99



 Plastic fittings and washers which are used to attach pipe, valves, etc. to tanks, drums, pond liners, swimming pools, etc. Available in 2" for top and 1.5" for drain as used in UFF-1000 below. Use 03-BHF020 for drum outlet and 03-BHF150 for drain (includes plug). Use 3" and 4" bulk head fittings in the bottom or side of liner ponds for drains and for penetrations. Bulk head fittings come with one gasket. Additional gaskets can be made from left-over pond liner material. These bulk head fittings are threaded inside and outside.
03-BHF010 1.0" $8.99
03-BHF150 1.5" $10.99
03-BHF020 2.0" $14.99
03-BHF030 3.0" $25.99
03-BHF040 4.0" $49.99


NEW! A lower cost way to attach pipe of all sizes to tanks. This rubber grommet is easily slipped into a hole cut with standard hole saws from outside the tank. Once Uniseal is slipped into place with dishwashing soap, standard PVC, or metal pipe can be pressed into grommet making a water tight seal for water tanks, filters, etc. Uniseals are available in standard sizes and cost approximately 1/2 the cost of the larger bulk head fittings.

03-UNI050  1/2" 1.25" $5.99
03-UNI075  3/4" 1.25" $5.99
03-UNI100  1" 1.75" $7.99
03-UNI150 1 1/2" 2.5" $7.99
03-UNI200 2.0" 3.0" $10.99
03-UNI300  3.0" 4.0" $12.99
03-UNI400 4" 5.0" $15.99
03-UNI600  6.0" 7.0" $25.99


    A great buy just when you need it! These two hole saw kits contain all of the sizes  you'll ever need including the large ones that are hard to find and very expensive, i.e.. up to $60 each! Small kit includes eight most common sizes from 3/4", through 2 1/2" saws, 1/4" and 3/8" mandrels, a 1/4" bit, a hex wrench, and carrying case. Large kit includes  2 1/2", 3", 3 1/2", 4", 5", a 3/8" mandrel, drive plate, hex wrench, and a convenient plastic carrying case.  

 03-HSKIT2    Eight most common sizes from 3/4" to 2 1/2"      $32.99

03-HSKIT5    Five sizes from 2 1/2" to 5"                                $39.99   



These are sometimes the only answer to an easy way to connect a pump to a hose, pipe, or penetration. The stainless steel bands make a water tight seal and are impervious to water damage. These can be connected and then buried in the ground without worry. Pipe Sizes are for C.I. and Plastic
Part No. Description, Pipe Size

Side A

Side B Width C Cost each
    inches mm inches mm inches mm  
FC125-125 Coupler 1 1/4" 1.65 40 1.65 40 3.50 88 $5.99
FR150-125 Reducer 1 1/2" to 1 1/4" 1.90 48 1.65 40 3.50 88 $5.99
FC150-150 Coupler 1 1/2" 1.90 48 1.90 48 3.50 88 $5.99
FR020-150 Reducer 2" to 1 1/2" 2.40 60 1.90 48 3.50 88 $7.99
FC020-020 Coupler 2" 2.40 60 2.40 60 3.50 88 $6.99
FR030-020 Reducer 3" to 2" 3.38 85 2.40 60 4.00 101 $7.99
FC030-030 Coupler 3" 3.38 85 3.38 85 4.00 101 $8.99
FR040-030 Reducer 4" to 3" 4.38 111 3.38 85 4.00 101 $11.99
FC040-040 Coupler 4" 4.42 112 4.42 112 4.00 101 $10.99
FC050-050 Coupler 5" 5.62 142 5.62 142 4.00 101 $16.99
FC060-060 Coupler 6" 6.38 162 6.38 162 6.00 152 $21.99


Qwik Caps offer a quick, easy way to cap pipe ends, cleanouts and open test pipes. Made of flexible PVC, they're suitable for above-ground or underground use, on cast iron, steel, copper, or plastic piping.

Qwik Caps are designed to fit all drain, waste, and vent pipe materials in a given nominal size. The convex face allows the cap to withstand greater pressure for testing purposes and minimizes ballooning.

To install, simply place over open end of pipe and tighten band to 60" lbs. torque.
Qwik Caps offer a quick, easy way to cap pipe ends, cleanouts and open test pipes. Made of flexible PVC, they're suitable for above-ground or underground use, on cast iron, steel, copper, or plastic piping.

Qwik Caps are designed to fit all drain, waste, and vent pipe materials in a given nominal size. The convex face allows the cap to withstand greater pressure for testing purposes and minimizes ballooning.

To install, simply place over open end of pipe and tighten band to 60" lbs. torque. Pipe Sizes are for C.I. and Plastic.

Pvc Pipe Size

Part No.

Cost each
1-1/2" QC-101 $3.99
2" QC-102 $4.99
3" QC-103 $6.99
4" QC-104 $7.99
5" QC-105 $8.99
6" QC-106 $9.99
8" QC-108 $15.99

  • Fast, easy installation
  • Permanent or temporary cap.
  • For underground or above-ground use.
  • Low cost, reusable
  • Supplied with Steel band.





  Why continue to suffer with frequent leaf trap cleaning, when you can stretch that chore out to as little as 1/8 as often. With the SuperTrap inline leaf trap, you can sit back and enjoy your pond instead of going out every day to empty that little trap that you have.

Daryl is holding the long basket from our "upflow" model of the SuperTrap in one hand, and the much smaller typical trap in use by most pond owners. Our new basket holds up to 8 times a much of the waste material as that little one, and will offer much less resistance to flow than that little one, giving you more flow, less work, and the time that you want to enjoy your work.

The upflow model 04-UFST44 of our 6" SuperTrap,  has a 4" inlet which can be connected directly to the 4" pipe which comes from your 4" bottom drain, and can also be connected directly to skimmers. This unit has a huge 6" removable lid in it's top which can also be used to prime your pump and system if desired. The 4" outlet to the pump is near the top and and provides clean strained water to the pump. The assembly is provided with 4" connections at the bottom (inlet) and at the top (outlet to the pump). The basket is approximately 44" long.

Our Down flow model of SuperTrap should be available soon, with it's inlet near the top, outlet to the coming out of the bottom and rising to the top. This model may be easier to install in earth that is compacted and rocky. It allows for the inlet pipe to be near the surface. 

 Our Back Flush Assembly 04-STBFA4 allows you to clean your leaf trap without removing the basket. When two three way valves are repositioned, the waste is flushed onto the ground, or into our French Drain Assembly 04-STFDA4 with it's drainage and collection basket. When the collection basket has drained, just empty it into the garbage can. 






BALL valves are best used in places where you may have to regulate your water flow or shut it off. These ball valves are manufactured in the USA of  the highest grade of materials to be smooth operating. They offer very little resistance to flow, and are long lasting. Use these valves for adjusting flow instead of gate valves (typically used as isolation valves). Available in 5 sizes.
03-BV075T Ball Valve, threaded 3/4"

$10.99 ea.

03-BV100T Threaded Ball Valve  1.0"

$18.99 ea.

03-BV100S Slip Ball Valve 1.0"

$18.99 ea.

03-BV150T Threaded Ball Valve  1.5"

$28.99 ea.

03-BV150S Ball Valve, Slip 1.5" $28.99 ea.
03-BV200T Threaded Ball Valve 2.0" $34.99 ea.
03-BV200S Slip Ball Valve 2.0" $34.99 ea.
03-BV300S Slip/Slip Ball Valve 3.0" $86.99 ea.


GATE valves (slide valves) are most commonly used to isolate a water supply. Do not use to throttle or regulate flow. We carry a supply of high quality plastic gate valves for sizes commonly used. Our gate valves and ball valves are made in the USA of high quality and long lasting parts to ensure ease of operation and long life. As with bronze, all valves must be protected from freezing weather.
O3-GV100M 1.0" Manual Operation $12.99
03-GV150M 1.5" Manual Operation $15.99
03-GV200M 2.0" Manual Operation $22.99
03-GV200C 2.0" Cable Operation* $79.99
03-GV300C 3.0" Cable Operation* $89.99
03-GV300M 3.0" Manual Operation $32.99
03-GV400M 4.0" Manual Operation Call
03-GV600M 6.0" Manual Operation Call
* Note: Remote cable operation of valve (as when buried) is possible with the attached cable operator in these valves. Manual operation is with supplied handle.      

CHECK or FOOT valves are used in discharge or suction lines to keep the line full of water. They are commonly used on the suction side of a centrifugal pump to maintain primed conditions. When a leaf trap is installed on the suction of a pump, the check valve must be installed so that the pump will remain full. This usually means in the suction line before the leaf trap. There is a very slight restriction in check valves so that a 2" check has the same flow as if 1 3/4" in size. If you must have no head loss, use the next larger size available. All check valves are slip/slip and white except models 03-CVTU15 and 03-CVTU20 which are clear true union swing checks. This allows visual assurance of primed conditions (pipe full of water) and removal for repair if necessary.



03-CV100T  SWING CHECK THREADED 1.0" $13.99
03-CV150S    SWING CHECK, SLIP 1.5" $14.99




CLEAR 2'' CV SLIP/SLIP 2'' $26.99














03-CV300S                SWING CHECK VALVE, SLIP 3.0" $38.99
03-CVC300               SWING CHECK, SLIP, CLEAR 3.0" $48.99
03-CV400S                SWING CHECK, SLIP 4.0" $55.99
03-CVC400                SWING CHECK, SLIP, CLEAR 4.0" $69.99



* Available in PVC 

* Gasketed flapper insures a water tight seal

* Flapper design allows for unrestricted flow of effluent 

* Made of corrosion free materials to assure inside remains smooth without flaking and pitting

* Used in nominally horizontal drain lines and branches

* All hubs are DWV (schedule 40)

* 10''D x 11''H x 16''L

03-BWTRV6 6'' backwater valve $179.99 ea.


Saddle Tee's offer the fastest and easiest way to tap into your existing system. Saddle Tee's have a unique plastic wedge that allows for a simple installation. The wedge can be applied half way by hand and finished off by a slight tap of a rubber mallet. The wedge also equally distributes the clamping force over the entire saddle while giving full support along the axis of the pipe. Saddle Tee's eliminate the need to cut pipe when an upgrade is necessary.   

03-SADT02 2 '' SADDLE TEE $19.00
03-SADT25 2-1/2'' SADDLE TEE $21.00



  We are pleased to introduce our new 3-way diverter valve. The 3-way valve is designed to be able to divert water anywhere diversion is required. The diverted seals are made of special lubricated EPDM material. Every Flo valve can be easily adapted to automatic valve actuators, adaptation available soon.




 Half Unions are used to connect to a buttress fitting or a mail tail piece. It also connects to your inlet and outlet of your pipe leading to the inlet and outlet of your Superfalls pump. All unions are slip/slip. Complete unions are used to create a removable joint in a piece of pipe. 

03-UNS100 1'' HALF UNION SET $10.00
03-UNS150 1-1/2'' HALF UNION SET $12.00
03-UNS200 2'' HALF UNION SET $15.00
03-UNS250 2-1/2'' HALF UNION SET $18.00


03-UNC150 1-1/2'' COMPLETE UNION  $16.00
03-UNC200 2'' COMPLETE UNION  $22.00
03-UNC250 2-1/2'' COMPLETE UNION  $29.00
03-UNC300 3'' COMPLETE UNION  $38.00
03-UNC400 4'' COMPLETE UNION  $89.00

1/2"  03-CPL005   $0.28  03-CAP005  $0.38  03-PLG050   $0.90  03-LSS050   $0.42  03-LST050    $0.52  03-TSSS05  $0.52 
3/4"  03-CPL075   $0.38  03-CAP075    $0.43  03-PLG075  $1.06  03-LSS075   $0.47  03-LST075  $0.59 03-TSSS75   $0.59
1"  03-CPL010  $0.66 03-CAP010   $0.68 03-PLG010  $1.27  03-LSS010   $0.85  03-LST010  $1.12  03-TSSS10 $1.12 
1 1/2"   03-CPL015  $0.97 03-CAP015   $1.06 03-PLG015  $1.72  03-LSS015   $1.60  03-LST015  $2.06  03-TSSS15    $2.12 
2"    03-CPL020   $1.50 03-CAP020   $1.27 03-PLG020  $2.70  03-LSS020   $2.50 03-LST020   $5.35  03-TSSS20   $3.08
2 1/2"  03-CPL025 $3.30 03-CAP025   $4.08  03-PLG025  $4.62  03-LSS025   $7.60  03-LST025   $13.21 03-TSSS25   $10.18 
3"    03-CPL030 $5.17  03-CAP030   $4.48  03-PLG030  $6.11  03-LSS030   $9.10 03-LST030   $19.81 03-TSSS30   $13.36 
4"   03-CPL040   $7.46 03-CAP040   $10.18  03-PLG040  $13.82  03-LSS040   $16.28  03-LST040   $30.04  03-TSSS40   $24.16
6"   03-CPL060   $23.62  03-CAP060   $24.37   N/A  03-LSS060   $51.77   N/A  03-TSSS60   $81.34 

CLOSE NIPPLE (close-to 60'' available)  

1/2"  03-MAD050   $..38  03-FAD050   $.47 03-CN0050 $.30  03-TSS050   $ .52 03-CRS050   $1.60
3/4"  03-MAD075   $.42 03-FAD075   $.59  03-CN075 $.35 03-TSS075  $.59 03-CRS075   $2.65
1"  03-MAD100   $.74  03-FAD100   $.68  03-CN0100 $.42 03-TSS100 $1.12 03-CRS100  $3.30
1 1/2"  03-MAD150   $1.22  03-FAD150   $1.22    03-CN0150 $1.21 03-TSS150 $2.12 03-CRS150  $4.94
2"   03-MAD200   $1.61  03-FAD200   $1.64    03-CN0200 $1.58 03-TSS200 $3.08  03-CRS200 $7.28 
2 1/2"   03-MAD250 $4.73 03-FAD250 $4.15   03-CN0250 $2.87 03-TSS250 $10.18 N/A  
3"   03-MAD300   $6.92 03-FAD300   $5.58   03-CN0300 $3.67  03-TSS300 $13.36 N/A  
4"  03-MAD400  $8.83 03-FAD400   $9.25   03-CN0400 $5.59  03-TSS400 $24.16 N/A  
6"   03-MAD600   $23.03  N/A


03-TSS600 $81.34 N/A  

Call for sizes and prices of: Reducing Tee's, Street Ell's, Reducing Ell's, FIPT Tee's, 45 Ell's, Plugs, Couplings, reducer couplings and reducer bushing.



1/8'' N/A N/A N/A 03-BT0018 $.39 N/A
3/16'' N/A N/A N/A 03-BT0316 $.49 N/A
1/4'' N/A N/A N/A 03-BT0025 $.49 N/A
3/8'' N/A N/A N/A 03-BT0038 $.99 N/A
1/2"  03-BMA050 $.68 03-FBA050 $2.99 03-BE9050 $1.34 03-BT0050 $1.46 03-BCR050 $3.84
3/4"  03-BMA075 $.82 03-FBA075 $3.25 03-BE9075 $1.64 03-BT0075 $1.60 03-BCR075 $3.84
1"  03-BMA100 $.85 03-FBA100 $3.61 03-BE9100 $1.81 03-BT0100 $2.08 03-BCR100 $4.79
1 1/4'' 03-BMA125 $1.34 03-FBA125 $4.43 03-BE9125 $2.03 03-BT0125 $3.24 03-BCR125 $8.09
1 1/2"  03-BMA150 $1.51 03-FBA150 $5.63 03-BE9150 $2.40 03-BT0150 $3.67 03-BCR150 $9.20
2"  03-BMA200 $2.88 03-FBA200 $9.49 03-BE9200 $3.36 03-BT0200 $7.25 03-BCR200 $18.11

Call for sizes and prices of: Reducing Tee's, Combination Tee's, Reducing Elbows, Side outlet Tee's, Plugs, Reducing Cross, Reducing couplings and couplings.  





    Now you can simplify the job of installing your ponds, waterfalls, filters, etc. Many contractors have made their jobs easier by simply unrolling this flexible pipe or hose into a ditch, around corners, over bumps, etc. without any fittings such as 90's, 45's, etc. Flexible PVC pipe is ideal for use in low pressure applications, and should not be used in medium to high pressure plumbing systems where pressure increases may exceed 10 - 15 psi. For easy pond building (and energy efficiency), use Flexible PVC pipe, Superfalls energy efficient low head pumps, and Aquadyne low head bio-filters.

Available in sizes from 1 inch diameter to 6 inch diameter, this material is glued with our flex glue, 03-FLXG16 or 03-FLXG32 (32 oz. size). This pipe should be used with low head applications only, ie. 15 psi or less, and will greatly simplify pond construction and reduce time. Available in gray, 50 ft or 100 ft rolls, or smaller quantities, and all of the popular diameters. Use standard PVC fittings with the flexible glue below. 






COST / 100FT


03-FLX034 3/4'' $1.48 $74 $148





13 LBS

$ 158

26 LBS


1 1/2 INCH



23 LBS


46 LBS





33 LBS


66 LBS


2 1/2 INCH

$4.32 $210 46 LBS $400 92 LBS



$4.44 $215 60 LBS $410 120 LBS





93 LBS


186 LBS





230 LBS


460 LBS



Our heavy Kink-Free tubing dramatically improves flow. It's flexible, yet won't crimp or collapse around curves, or, if buried, under the weight of stones and dirt. Constructed of high-quality, smooth-bore, corrugated base. Its black color is ideal for use in water gardens, as it is practically invisible underwater. It is virtually impenetrable to sunlight, inhibiting algae growth inside the tube. Fish Safe. Each size given below, is made to fit onto barbed male adapter fittings of that size. This makes them perfect for use for submersible pumps. It is recommended that for long distances, you would benefit with larger diameter hose to reduce friction losses, and then reduce back to the desired size at the other end of the hose.

03-KFH034 3/4'' I.D. Kink Free Hose 03-BMA075 / $.82 $1.08 per ft.
03-KFH100 1'' I.D. Kink Free Hose 03-BMA100 / $.85 $1.32 per ft.
03-KFH114 1 -1/4'' I.D. Kink Free Hose 03-BMA125 / $1.34 $1.75 per ft.
03-KFH112 1-1/2'' I.D. Kink Free Hose 03-BMA150 / $1.51 $2.09 per ft.
03-KFH200 2'' I.D. Kink Free Hose 03-BMA200 / $2.88 $3.91 per ft.


his exceptional line of black tubing is recommended for use in water gardening, as it is practically invisible underwater. Sunlight will not penetrate it, so algae growth is inhibited inside. Constructed of flexible, plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Fish Safe.

01-BLKVT34 3/4'' I.D. Black Vinyl Tubing $.99 per ft. 100ft. roll $99.00
01-BLKVT100 1'' I.D. Black Vinyl Tubing $1.89 per ft. 100ft roll $189.00
01-BLKVT125 1-1/4''I.D. Black Vinyl Tubing $2.29 per ft. 50ft roll $114.50


Our clear vinyl tubing is made of flexible, plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Glass-smooth interior reduces sediment buildup, while high-gloss, crystal-clear appearance provides a stylish, contemporary look.
01-AH0018 Clear Vinyl Tubing 1/8"ID $0.19/ft
01-AH0316 Clear Vinyl Tubing 3/16"ID  $0.24/ft
01-AH0025 Clear Vinyl Tubing 1/4" ID  $0.29/ft
01-AH0038 Clear Vinyl Tubing 3/8" ID  $0.36/ft
01-AH0050 Clear Vinyl Tubing 1/2" ID  $0.49/ft
01-AH0058 Clear Vinyl Tubing 5/8'' ID $0.60/ft
01-AH0034 Clear Vinyl Tubing 3/4"ID  $1.25/ft
01-AH1000 Clear Vinyl Tubing 1" ID  $1.89/ft
01-AH0125 Clear Vinyl Tubing 1-1/4'' ID $3.29/ft

 Lay-Flat" Blue Water-Discharge Hose

This tough, economical "Lay-Flat" water-discharge hose features high-tensile polyester-yarn reinforcement for strength and durability. Homogenous virgin PVC construction eliminates tube and cover separation. Ideal for applications requiring low-to-medium working pressure, such as construction, agriculture, mining, drip-irrigation, and general water discharge. Effective in temperatures ranging from 5°F to 170°F. Fish Safe.

03-FDH200 2''I.D Lay-Flat" Blue Water-Discharge Hose $.64 per ft.



Cutting PVC has never been easier. Stainless-steel blades with glass-filled nylon handles make cutting fast, safe, and easy. "The Cutter" provides a clean cut with no residue or burrs. Cuts up to 2" of PVC or flex tubing.

03-HOSECUT pipe and tubing cutter  $22.50


  The band, housing, and screw of these  hose clamps are manufactured of 100% Marine-grade 304 stainless steel.  Available in  hassle-free hand-tighten with triangular head.


1/4" to 3/8" tubing $.58
03-CL3812 3/8" to 1/2" tubing $1.00
03-CL5801 5/8" to 1" tubing $1.05
03-CL1112 1" to 11/2" tubing $1.15





  Non flammable and virtually odorless and user-safe. It doesn't need primer.Gorilla glue can be used from 32 to 140 degrees.   It is environment friendly and cleans up with water. The amazing thing about it is that it will work from the smallest PVC pipe up to 6 inches.


03-GORGLUE 32 OZ. Gorilla Glue $28.99


WELD•ON Solvent Cements

WELD-ON cements are conceived and continually checked by qualified chemists and technicians in a modern, well equipped laboratory. They also oversee a strict quality control program, which starts with the delivery of raw materials, proceeds through the mixing stage, and continues on with sampling and testing of the finished product.

WELD-ON 704 CLEAR/GRAY: Medium bodied, fast setting, PVC cement for all classes and schedules of rigid pipe and fittings with interference fit through 6" diameter, Schedule 80 through 4" diameter. This product may also be used on PVC foam core pipe. Can be used without Primer on non-pressure systems if local codes permit.    
03-P70408   8 oz. $3.99
03-P70416      16 oz. $13.99
03-P70432      32 oz. $17.99



WELD-ON 747 "POOL 'R SPA" BLUE (Fades to CLEAR in sunlight): Medium bodied, extremely fast setting, PVC cement for all classes and schedules of pipe and fittings with interference fit through 6" diameter, Schedule 80 through 4" diameter. Developed for rigid & flexible applications, wet conditions and/or when quick pressurization is desired. Can be used without Primer on non-pressure systems if local codes permit.
Note: This product offers faster set & cure times.
WELD-ON 793 "ABS-PVC" CLEAR: Regular bodied, very fast setting, ABS to PVC cement for all classes and schedules of rigid pipe and fittings with interference fit through 2-1/2" diameter (except Schedule 80).

8oz. $3.99

16oz. $9.99


P-68 PRIMER PURPLE/CLEAR: For surface preparation of all PVC and CPVC pipe and fittings prior to cement application. If used properly, P-68 will soften pipe and fitting surfaces which is necessary for the proper solvent welding of the materials. Meets ASTM F-656 & SCAQMD 1168 Industry Listings: NSF, UPC (Purple only), LOW VOC with 3 Year Shelf Life

8oz. $3.99

16oz. $6.99

32oz. $11.99




       CIM 1000 MEMBRANE COATING OR REPAIR KIT: This kit consists of a special two part mix of black waterproofing membrane material. The two parts make one gallon when mixed as directed. Used on cleaned dry concrete, this material will fill and bridge gaps in cracked concrete or can be used to completely cover a pond.  CIM 1000 has an amazing elongation of 400 % which allows it to bridge cracks in concrete.

Use this material to fix your pond's leaks or to coat your pond with a permanent waterproof membrane. Suggested thickness is 60 mils or approx 1/16" thick. One gallon will provide 18 ft2 of coverage at 60 mils thickness. Use a heavier coating on lip or ledges.

Colored sand or gravel can be sprinkled into a separate top coat for color effects, such as disguising the liner in a stream. Fabric is used where extra strength is required. This coating is a two part pre-mix which can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed on. Spray requires use of special positive displacement sprayers.

Use CIM as an adhesive to adhere EPDM liner to concrete or cement block walls. CIM can also be used to cover seams, bridge cracks or gaps in concrete, coat and waterproof wood tanks, spillways, filters, etc. Use CIM to fix cracked fiberglass or plastic tanks. (Let us know of any other killer applications you can put it to!)  

03-CIM1K1 CIM 1000 1 gallon $137.99
03-CIM1K5 CIM 1000 5 gallons $589.99
03-FAB050 1 ROLL FABRIC 50 feet $25.00





        Spray Foam is the easy way to mortar rocks for a waterfall. This black, waterproof foam is perfect for sealing holes and voids between rocks, to ensure that water flows over your falls correctly. This foam won't harden or shrink, and the 16oz can comes with an "easy to use" spray nozzle adapter. It is cured to resist water and weathering and should be used between 65 and 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Rock Spray Foam dries- tack free in 20 minutes and cures  in 24 hours.

1 16oz can yields:

1/4 of an inch bead = 2300 lin. ft.

3/8 of an inch bead = 1025 lin. ft.

1/2 of an inch bead = 575 lin. ft.

03-RSF016 16 oz. Spray Rock Foam $16.99 ea.
03-RSF032 Rock Spray Foam 32 oz.  (can only be used with gun) $42.99 ea.






   The Spray Rock Foam Kit is most often used by contractors and large pond makers. This kit has a Carrying Case, Applicator Gun and holds 4 cans of foam. The 32 ounce spray rock foam can only be used with the gun and should always be stored on the gun once it has been used. This gun allows you to use the large 32 oz can of foam which can be re-used until empty.       


03-CRYCSE Carrying case $63.99 ea.
  03-APLGUN Applicator Gun $255.99 ea.
03-RSF032 Rock Spray Foam 32 oz.  (can only be used with gun) $42.99 ea.


   These tanks are perfect for filters, raising baby koi, or planting water lilies. You can even use these for a small reflection pond. For use as filters, assemble an under-gravel filter by using our slotted filter pipe and our bulkhead fittings. Attach pump to pipe for an up-flow filter and cover with gravel or BIO-LYTE. Attach another Bulkhead fitting near the top of tank to lead back to pond. Alternately, pump water into top of filter and let it run down thru the gravel or BIO-LYTE and out the pipe and back to pond (This is of course a down flow filter). For use as a Mini pond, simply place a small submersible pump in it to re-circulate the water and fill with plants or baby fish.

The two different round whiskey barrel liners are perfect for lining barrels for use as small ponds for water hyacinths, water iris, small lilies, etc. The liner with lip can be used for a small upper pond which over flows into the second lower pond with its plants and concealed submersible pump. Lead the pump outlet tubing up to the upper liner as it's supply.
03-LERBL1 Round 35 gallon barrel liner $37.99 ea.
03-LERBL2 Round 35 gallon barrel liner with overflow $43.99 ea.



   Calibrated in gallons, with an accuracy of 1% and a flow rate of 1/4 gpm to 20 gpm. Can be installed permanently or may be attached to a hose to measure water flowing into pond or tank. This meter is manufactured of a strong and durable polymer plastic, or is available in brass if desired. Subtract initial reading from final reading for total gallons.

03-WMPOLY Polymer $110.99
03-WMBRAS Brass $115.99



We have two types of flow meters to allow adjusting flow rates through your pond, filter, and UV systems. In general, pitot tube types of meters will cost less and are simple to install, but a little less accurate. Normally, the more expensive digital meters are more accurate, and may offer a wider range of flow rates. Both of our meter types offer high degree of reliability at the most reasonable cost.



 Pitot Tube Type  

  Digital Meter, Saddle Mount  

Accuracy +/- 10% Of full scale +/- 2% Of full scale
For 2" Pipe   FIP200L  40 -150 gpm    $89.99   FIDS120     30 - 300 gpm       $289.99
" FIP200H   15 -70 gpm     $89.99 NA
  For 2 1/2" Pipe     FIP250H   60 - 240 gpm    $99.99   NA


Pitot tube meters:  TheFIP200 and FIP250 meters are made of acrylic plastic and are designed to be installed directly onto existing piping or new piping. You don't have to cut your pipe to install these meters as long as you have a short length of pipe in which to install your meter. Most accurate readings will be achieved with installation 20" - 100" downstream of pipe fittings, valves, pumps, etc. Choose the unit to fit the diameter of your PVC pipe, ie. 2" or 2 1/2", etc. These are installed by drilling a hole into the pipe, placing the unit into the hole, and clamping with the clamps provided, onto the pipe. These operate within + or - 10% accuracy. This is usually adequate for most pond or aquaculture applications. For higher accuracy, use our digital meters.

Digiflow FIDS120 Saddle Meters: This very accurate meter is installed by drilling a hole into an existing or new pipe, placing the new meter into the hole and clamping into place. The meter uses a paddle wheel which drops down into the flow path offering very little resistance to flow, thus making these ideal for low pressure, energy efficient pumps. Most accurate readings will be achieved with installation from 20" - 100" downstream of pipe fittings, valves, pumps, etc. This digital meter uses 2 AAA batteries to indicate by 4 digits with 3 decimal points. Suitable for pressures to 300 psi.



These mercury switches float upright in the water when attached to a weight, cement block, post or something in the water. When the level drops, due to water loss, such as a pipe break or valve left open, the switch opens to shut off any device which is plugged into its' built-in outlet. Easy to set up, this is a necessary piece of safety equipment for those concerned about their fish or pump.
The switches have 20 ft cords and are epoxy filled for safety. The smallest switch,03- LEVS13, can handle pumps up to 1/2 hp with a maximum of 13 amps running current.
03-LEVS15 can operate a larger pump to 1 hp/120 VAC with a maximum of 15 amps running current.
03-LEVS28 can handle 2 hp pumps running at 230 volts (15 amps running or 85 starting current) or 3/4 hp running at 120 Vac (15 amps running or 85 starting current).
The switches are plugged into a GFI outlet and the pump is then plugged into the cord. The switch can also be used to operate an alarm system for detecting low level in your pond. Both switches are for 115 volt use.

03-LEVS13   $73.99 
03-LEVS15   $99.99 
03-LEVS28 $110.99



 The Hudson valve is the easiest way to add this safety feature to your pond. Don't bother with trying to keep your pond or tank filled to the proper level. Just sit back and let it fill itself as needed. We have two different models of the Hudson valve to choose from. Our Hi pressure model is designed to attach to a 1" mail threaded fitting from your water supply, faucet, etc. Plumb it so that it sets just in the water surface and it will keep your pond filled. As the level drops, a small float opens to admit fresh water to your pond. This means that you can drain water from your pond as is recommended and it will be automatically refilled with clean water. The second model operates with low pressure water from a water tank, cistern, or a low pressure water pump. This allows you to transfer water from a remote water collection point such as a stream, river, etc for makeup to your pond.





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