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Here at KOI JOY, our customers mean EVERYTHING to us. We welcome your comments about our service, products or our Web site.  Have any suggestions, ideas for new products, complaints, philosophical meanderings etc.? Let us know. Want to submit something for our on-line magazine "World Wide Ponds", just send it to us via E Mail.

Also as part of our efforts to provide a complete source of the best of the available pond related materials and supplies, we have tried to assure that these materials will always be available to our customers, whether they are our commercial customers or our friends in the hobby of raising their fish. With this in mind, we realize that our dealers and distributors will have to make a living, while employing their local help all over the US, Canada, and Europe. Our pricing is fair for all, distributors, dealers, and all of our friends and customers. 

Koi Joy has a "MAP" system (minimum advertised pricing)  in effect that requires that all of our commercial customers selling direct to end users, must sell the products for the same pricing seen on this website as "list price" or advertised pricing. Any price advertised on a web site, auction, advertisement in magazines, etc. for less than our normal pricing as seen on this website, ie. www.pondshop.com will constitute a violation of that requirement, and may result in loss of purchase, and reselling rights of that/those products. Again, this is intended to assure fair and equitable treatment all over the country, for the big guy and the little guy! Any help in locating anyone violating this program would be appreciated.

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